20 Bedding Ideas Guaranteed to Cozy Up Your Sleeping Space

20 Bedding Ideas Guaranteed to Cozy Up Your Sleeping Space

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The world of bedding choices is a vast (and sometimes overwhelming) one. Not only does bedding keep you comfortable at night, but it also provides a major amount of style and design to a room.

Whether you're looking to re-style existing bedding, or you're headed for an entirely new look, here are 20 of the best bedding ideas.

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Go for Gray

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Calming shades of gray can be the ideal bedding pick if you're looking to create a relaxing environment. To keep a gray bedding look from feeling too gloomy, pair it with a few touches of white like the designer did above, to add in some brightness to the toned-down space.

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Use Throw Blankets

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Throw blankets are an easy way to quickly and affordably switch out your bedding's look. Use throw blankets on top of a neutral-colored bedding (white is a popular choice) and change them out seasonally or according to your mood.

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Don't Forget Daybeds

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Daybeds: the staple of guest bedroom/office combos everywhere. But just because a daybed does double duty doesn't mean it can't have great bedding too. Use statement throw pillows that complement the bedding for a look that works for this sofa/bed combination.

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Get Inspired by Quilts

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If you want bedding that's as unique and fun as you are, take some inspiration from quilts. Pair a vibrantly patterned quilt with equally bold patchwork pillows and shams, and you'll be left with a bedding look that's eye-catching and vivacious.

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Contrast Textures

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Contrast is a key feature of a well-designed space. For a chic contrasted look, pair a set of smooth sheets with a textured pouf or wool blanket, like designer Katie LeClerq did here.

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Break Out the Blue

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Serene blue is another stunning bedding color choice. For a relaxing look, pick deep and rich blues over bright or neon shades. But blue bedding doesn't need to be all blue either—you can also use it as an accent and pair alongside off-white or gray.

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Give Linen Some Love

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Linen bedding is having a moment. Its messy chic look makes a bedroom feel down-to-earth, cozy and put-together, all at once. But a word of warning before you purchase linen everything: low-quality linen can be scratchy and uncomfortable, and even high quality linen may take a few sleeps and washes to be 'broken into'.

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Pair Patterns

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Who says bedding needs to all be uniform? Varying patterns can give your bedding a unique look, and it can be done pretty easily too. To make contrasting patterns work for your bedding, keep the patterns in the same one or two colors, and keep the coloring neutral if you want the look to be more subtle.

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Create Length

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Make your bed stand out in an understated way, or make it look larger by adding a bedding with long vertical lines to give it more dimension. This can look like a quilt with vertical stitching, a throw blanket with fringe, or even a striped throw pillow. Put them together for a bed that makes a subtle statement.

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Draw Some Borders

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For an elegant and contemporary look, use bedding with aesthetic borders. It's a great way to bring some color into a space while still ensuring it looks high-end. The borders prevent you from having an endless sea-of-monochrome-bedding look.

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Mix and Match Neutrals

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Another way to break up blocks of solid color is by mixing and matching neutral bedding pieces, like an off-white duvet with a beige quilt and tan pillows. Your bed will still be a respite of relaxation, but it will look styled and put-together too.

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Try Vintage

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Looking for bedding that feels more one-of-a-kind, rather than generic-department-store? Head to the thrift store. The linens section of a second-hand shop can be a treasure trove of unique bedding picks—just make sure you wash whatever you bring home.

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Bring in Velvet

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Velvet gives your bed a lush look like no other. Though it's not a great pick for sheets or pillowcases, velvet is a luxurious and warm choice for coverlets, shams and duvets.

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Use White Patterns

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Another way to bring in a subtle touch of pattern is by using white bedding that has faint patterns, like what's pictured above, from designer Katie LeClerq. There's something to be said about patterns that can only be seen up close, and subtly-patterned bedding sets your bed apart from one with a run-of-the-mill white sheet set.

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Match Your Bed Frame to Your Bedding

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A little bit of monochrome never hurt anyone, and this bedroom, from Katie Hodges Design, goes to show it. To get the look yourself, look for an upholstered bed frame and bedding in a similar color. Repeat that same color one or two other places in your bedroom for a cohesive look.

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Make a Statement

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To make your bedding the statement of your bedroom, use throw pillows to draw the eye towards the bed. To do this, pick a few throw pillows that tie in bedding colors (and any other prominent colors in your bedroom) and feature a bold or fun pattern in those colors.

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Get Inspired by Area Rugs

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Another great source of bedding inspiration is area rugs, especially if you're already planning to use one in your bedroom. See if you can incorporate any of the patterns from the rug into your bedding, like Arbor& Co did above.

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Keep It Simple

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Looking for a bedding look without much fuss? Sometimes, a simple white sheet set, paired with a throw pillow or blanket, is all you really need.

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Try Out Metallics

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Metallics may not be your go-to color when you think of bedding. But it's time to add them to the list. Metallic accents, like the throw pillow above from Katie LeClerq, can make bedding feel chic, upscale and a little bit fun.

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Use All the Pillows

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Extra pillows, especially stylish ones that match the rest of the room, make bedding feel more upscale and hotel-like, plus they can be switched out anytime with new ones.