40 Living Room Décor Ideas Perfect for Fall

40 Living Room Décor Ideas Perfect for Fall

living room fall decor ideas

As cooler weather approaches, so does the need to switch up your living room look. But fall décor in the living room isn't just cutesy sayings dotted with autumnal gourds. Instead, fall décor comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, from deep red and orange furniture to velvet accents, and of course, a pumpkin or two.

Keep reading for our favorite living room décor ideas for fall.

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Use Throw Pillows

living room fall decor ideas throw pillows

Throw pillows are one the best ways to easily switch up your living room décor, and they're a great way to bring a touch of fall into your space too. For an autumnal look, use throw pillows in fall patterns or fall colors.

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Start With Muted Colors

fall living room decor ideas muted colors

Bringing fall décor into your living room doesn't mean jumping right to bright orange or jet black. You can start with a gentler approach instead, using more muted fall colors to begin with, before bringing in more boldly-colored fall décor later in the season.

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Use Fall Florals

living room fall decor ideas fall bouquet

Who said flowers should be limited to summer? Fall bouquets can also add some beautiful seasonality to your space, with the help of fall blooms like mums or African daisies, and flowers in fall colors like deep red or orange.

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Go Green

 green fall living room decor ideas

Another winning fall color is deep green. The just-vibrant tones of this shade are an ode to the great outdoors, while its muted look brings a peaceful touch to whatever space it's in. Bring deep green to the living room through a statement sofa or wall art.

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Use Colorful Pumpkins

colored pumpkins living room fall decor ideas

Fall pumpkins don't need to be in the standard array of seasonal colors. Instead, take advantage of their inherently fall look and add pumpkins to your living room in brightly-colored colors not typically associated with fall, like navy and turquoise.

Colored pumpkins work well in living rooms where adding lots of fall colors would clash with the existing décor.

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Add an Area Rug

fall living room decor ideas area rug

Though they can be tricky to bring in and out, a large area rug is another winning way to add some seasonality to your space. The red rug above, in the space from Ashe Leandro, adds some vibrant fall color and a touch of coziness that doesn't feel too overpowering either.

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Create a Cozy Nook

living room fall decor ideas cozy nook

For a truly iconic living room spot to spend the evening in this fall, create a pillow and blanket-filled nook a la the space above from Herzen Stimme. Add in a few fall-scented candles and of course, pumpkins, and you've got yourself the perfect fall reading corner.

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Do Deep Red

fall living room decor ideas deep red

For an especially elegant fall living room look, add in a few deep red, nearly brown items. This rich color oozes subtle yet moody fall style, and it will make your living room look all the more grown-up too.

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Use Multiple Décor Items

fall living room decor ideas lots of decor

If you'd rather add fall décor to your living room in bits and pieces, rather than big change-ups, consider setting the mood with multiple small décor items, like greenery, candles, or pumpkins. This multifaceted approach allows you to easily bring a fall look to your living room, and it's more budget-friendly than buying a large piece of furniture in a fall color.

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Try Cozy Texture

texture fall living room decor ideas

A fall look in the living room doesn't have to be defined by color. It can also be created through cozy textures, like soft blankets or plush pillows. Plus, if you pick cozily textured items in a neutral color palette (like white or gray) this décor will fit in well into winter too.

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Decorate Your Shelves

living room fall decor ideas shelves

If your living room has shelves, don't forget to add fall décor to them too. Living room shelves are a great place to put together a fall décor vignette or to show off some of your favorite fall items.

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Think Outside the Box

living room fall decor ideas think outside the box

Think outside the box when selecting fall décor—after all, it doesn't all need to be pumpkins. Instead, look for nature-inspired items, like feathers or dried flowers, and add other items in soft, welcoming colors like off-white or muted orange.

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Try Dried Flowers

dried flowers living room fall decor ideas

For a moody fall floral look in your living room, bring in some dried or on-their-way-out blooms to display. This unique arrangement brings in the beauty of flowers with a rustic touch.

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Create a Coffee Table Centerpiece

living room fall decor ideas coffee table centerpiece

A coffee table centerpiece display is one of the best ways to add in a menagerie of fall décor. You can get creative too, using funky vases in fall colors alongside textured pumpkins and your usual coffee-table-suspects.

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Light a Fire

fireplace living room fall decor ideas

Few things say 'fall is here' like a warm and inviting fire. So clean out your fireplace and get it ready for the season. If your fireplace is nonfunctional, or you're not allowed to use it, place a candelabra or some flameless candles in it instead.

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Use All the Blankets and Pillows

living room fall decor ideas blankets and pillows

For a fall-inspired living room that you can just sink right into, use more blankets and throw pillows than you think you'll need. These comfy additions add to the coziness of the space, and they make it feel all the more welcoming too.

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Lean on Lighting

living room fall decor ideas lighting

Lighting can make such a difference in any space, and living rooms are no exception, especially if you're trying to add a touch of fall. Create lighting in your living room that's fit for fall with string lights, candles, and other sources of warm, welcoming light.

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Get Some Grass

fall living room decor ideas grass

Dried grasses and grains are a subtle yet stunning way to add a touch of fall into your living room. For the best look, gather a variety of stems from a craft store or floral supplier and place them in a more ornate vase. The details of the vase will contrast well with the simple beauty of the dried grass.

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Switch Out Your Gallery Wall

living room fall decor ideas gallery wall

Have a gallery wall in your living room? Switch out the images with the seasons for an easy way to add some fall décor. The opportunities here are nearly endless—from fall vistas to fall illustrations to fall quotes, an autumn touch is only a picture frame away.

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Use Raw Materials

living room fall decor ideas raw materials

Raw materials bring straight-from-nature look into a space, as well as a sense of coziness, making them a great pick for fall décor in the living room. Look for exposed wood shelves or side tables, or find a few stone bookends or bowls.

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Opt for Orange

orange living room fall decor ideas

Trying to add fall décor to your living room, but feeling a little stuck? When in doubt, add a little orange. You can add orange flowers, like what Becca Interiors did in the living room above, or you can add orange throw pillows, blankets, or even pumpkins.

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Master Your Mantel

living room fall decor ideas mantel

The fireplace mantel is another great place to add some fall décor to your living room, so don't forget about it. The mantel can be filled with pumpkins, fall bouquets, candles, or fall prints, just to name a few items. But to make your décor really stand out, limit yourself to only 3-4 items atop the mantel. It will make your seasonal décor stand out all the more, and it will prevent the mantel from looking too busy.

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Add Funky Fall Flowers

livig room fall decor ideas funky flowers

It's hard to overestimate just how helpful a few fall-colored flowers can be at bringing a touch of fall to the living room. For a modern fall look, choose some blooms with a unique shape that add a distinctive look to your space.

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Branch Out

tree branch living room fall decor ideas

For a statement décor piece in your living room, head to your nearest deciduous tree. A small branch covered in boldly-colored leaves in a vase will be a wonderful addition to your living room that says fall like nothing else.

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Love Leather

fall living room decor ideas leather

Leather is a beautiful and elegant fall motif that can pull together any living room. Bring into your space by looking for a leather sofa or ottoman, or add in a few small leather accents. Its rich coloring and lush texture sets the mood for cozy fall nights.

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Have Fun

living room fall decor ideas fun

Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your living room fall décor, just like Modern House Vibes did by adding a fall-colored pom-pom garland. Other fun fall décor choices include glittery pumpkins and a Halloween display.

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Change Out Your Wall Art

living room fall decor ideas wall art

Another way to use your wall art to your advantage in your living room is by changing it out each fall for a piece with some autumn colors. It doesn't need to be fall-themed, but something in fall colors will help add to the room's seasonal feeling.

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Don't Forget Neutral Colors

living room fall decor ideas neutral colors

Fall colors are more than just red, orange and yellow. Instead, they can neutral colors too, like cream, beige or white. How? With the help of candlelight and extra-plush throw blankets. Together, this trio creates a winning, cozy combo in a living room you can't wait to spend a rainy fall day lounging away in.

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Change Out the Curtains

living room fall decor ideas curtains

Another way to bring in fall décor to your living room is through curtains and drapery. These are easy to switch in and out, making them a simple way to change your space up through the seasons. Look for drapery in a deep green, like in the living room above from Bespoke Only, or pick another seasonal shade.

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Go Maximalist

living room fall decor ideas maximalist

Ready to really amp up your living room's fall décor? It's time to go maximalist with it. Fill your space with all your favorite fall tchotchkes, plenty of cozy texture, and fun fall color for a festive seasonal look.

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Make Subtle Changes

living room fall decor ideas subtle

If you'd like your living room to feel more at home in fall rather than scream fall all on its own, add subtle seasonal changes to your living room, like warmer-colored throw pillows or décor, or a fall print or two.

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Use Candlesticks

living room fall decor ideas candlesticks

Vintage candlesticks make a big statement for such a small item, and they're a great addition to the living room in the fall. Not only do they hold one of the coziest things of all (candles), but they also provide character and a mood all of their own.

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Make It Match

living room fall decor ideas matching

For a cohesive fall décor look in your living room, match your seasonally-colored accessories, like SUSAP did in her space above with the throw pillows and blankets.

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Consider Wicker

living room fall decor ideas wicker

Wicker is another texture that's typically used more in the summer but works just as well in fall too. To bring wicker into the cooler months, pair it with lots of cozy fall colors and comfy seating.

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Pair Leather and Burnt Orange

living room fall decor ideas leather and burnt orange

Looking for a winning fall color combo? Try leather and burnt orange. These similar shades are just different enough that they work well together, and their warm tones add plenty of fall style to a living room.

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Use High-Pile Rugs

living room fall decor ideas high pile rug

Soft or high-piled area rugs are another easy fall décor addition to your living room. Pair them with some inviting blankets and throw pillows for the perfect lounging spot.

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Look For Lanterns

living room fall decor ideas lanterns

Lanterns are a cozy light fixture that add some welcoming light to outdoor spaces, but they can be used indoors too. They're a great little substitute for a cloche—bringing more character than ordinary glass ones, and fitting in well with other fall décor.

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Bring in Linen

living room fall decor ideas linen

Linen may seem more like a summer fabric, but it has its place in fall-inspired spaces too. Its rustic texture makes it feel down-to-earth, making it perfect for a laid-back fall living room. Plus, it comes in nearly any color too, so linen can be added in seasonal colors as well.

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Add Velvet

velvet living room fall decor ideas

Velvet is the unsung hero of elegant fall texture. With its lush feeling and even lusher look, it's a great way to bring a subtle autumn look to a space, especially if it's added in a rich fall color.

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Embrace the Entryway

living room fall decor ideas entryway

Many living rooms also include the front door and entryway. If yours is one of those, give this space a fall twist by adding a few small pumpkins or other fall elements to an accent or console table, like Lucky Plot 13 did in the space above.