23 Beautiful Bedrooms That Make the Case For Neutral Style

23 Beautiful Bedrooms That Make the Case For Neutral Style


Timeless, chic, and always on trend, neutrals never seem to leave the interior spotlight, and for good reason. Creating a neutral color palette with creamy whites, soft beiges, and warm wood tones is one of the easiest ways to design a space that feels bright and welcoming. 

If you’re looking for cohesion and serenity, it only makes sense to continue that neutral color palette in your bedroom. This is the space that benefits most from a little zen, and a neutral space is the perfect base for further decorating, additions of color, or simple monochromatic styles.

To help inspire you, we combed through our favorite designers’ spaces and put together a list of impeccable neutral bedrooms we know you’ll love. 

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Sweet Serenity

Serene neutral bedorom.

This bedroom just says slow Sunday morning to us. Its sheer curtains let the light softly filter in, and the minimalistic neutral bedding is not overly complicated or fussy, contributing to the relaxed feel of the space. 

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Seeing Green

Neutral bedroom with forest green accents.

What is so great about green is its versatility—it can act as a statement maker or a neutral, as it does in this bedroom. The dark forest green nightstands make a great complement to the creamy neutral headboard and wooden accents.

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Moments of Tranquility

Neutral bedroom with canopy bed and lots of pillows.

This bedroom makes a great case for why neutrals work so well in this specific spot of the home. Neutrals in a bedroom bring a certain sense of tranquility and quiet that are much-needed.

"I gravitate toward using neutral colors in bedroom spaces because I find them soothing and relaxing," Cait Pappas of Nest Out West says. "The bedroom serves as an oasis from the other parts of the home, and when all you need is to decompress, I feel it's so much more rejuvenating to do so in a space that is void of loud colors and instead invokes a spa-like vibe."

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A Relaxing Retreat

Neutral bedroom with low bedframe and printed art.

This space is the definition of elevated neutral, with tones and textures taking the space to the next level. Soft linens give that done-undone look to the space, and the peaceful Eastern influence is felt throughout the room in the light fixture and low bed frame.

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In the Spotlight

Chic neutral bedroom with wall-to-wall drapes.

Though this space is neutral in color palette, it definitely does not feel simplistic. Structural lighting and dramatic curtains give the space just the edge it needs—and it certainly goes far beyond your average bedroom.

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Tonal Memory

Neutral bedroom with gray pillows and lamps.

Though this room is strictly neutral, it still achieves a balance of cozy and minimalistic. We love how lighting is a major design factor in the space, with the two large windows illuminating the space—and how chic are those grey table lamps?

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Lovely Linens

Soft neutral bedroom with sun coming through the window.

Creating the bedroom of your dreams starts with where you’ll spend time dreaming: your bed. In this cozy space, the crisp linen bedding and neutral accent blanket become the textural focal point of the space, with help from breezy curtains and an adorable nightstand setup.

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Easy Breezy

Beige bedroom with pampas grass and sun coming through windows.

Coordinating colors in a space doesn’t have to fall flat—it can provide tons of depth and interest, as seen in this neutral bedroom. Simple white curtains and an orb lamp keep the look subtle and clean.

To pull off a monochromatic neutral space, focus on creating diversity in textures and tones. Mix woods, metal finishes, and textiles, but keep a coordinating color scheme.

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Pops of Peach

Neutral bedroom with pink and peach accents.

A bedroom can still be neutral and employ some subtle pops of color, and peach is a great shade to achieve just this. Try adding notes of pinks or peaches throughout the space with small décor pieces or accents like blankets and pillows.

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Timeless Beauty

Soft neutral bedroom with a vintage feel.

With a blend of vintage and timeless characteristics, this neutral bedroom is equally unique as it is achievable with a few personal touches. The soothing comforter and pillows perfectly contrast the ornate mirror and other nightstand décor. The space feels fresh and comfortable, and shows that even neutral spaces can benefit from a bit of flare.

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Painted Black

Bedroom with large black bedframe and glass pendant light.

Black is the new black, forever and always. We think black is equally as neutral as cool whites and browns, and it will always give an edge to an otherwise simple space. Here, the statement black lacquered headboard is juxtaposed with the soft, creamy neutrals of the bedspread, which creates an utterly cool and comfortable look.

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Minimal and Chic

Neutral bedroom with black headboard and light wooden side table.

The few key pieces in this bedroom are doing all the talking: the minimalistic black bed frame, soft shearling throw, simple nightstand, and neutral lamp. Paring down a neutral space lets each piece shine and retains the exact calm a bedroom needs. 

This mirror trick works perfect for a small room. The reflection elongates the space and emphasizes the large windows.

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Traditional With a Twist

Traditional neutral bedroom with animal print wallpaper.

Think you had this traditional neutral bedroom figured out? Take another look—and now you’re sure to notice the leopard print accent wall. This is a great way to incorporate personality into a room without overpowering the color scheme.

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Wooden and Rustic

Rustic neutral bedroom with exposed wooden beam.

When we hear “neutral bedroom,” this is the kind of space that is top of mind: a rustic interior filled with reclaimed wood, dreamy textiles, and hints of wicker and other naturalistic materials. The blend of wood tones really make this space special, enhancing the shabby-chic feel that we are totally coveting.

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California Cool

Soft neutral bedroom with dusty pink accents.

There are endless ways to elevate a neutral bedroom—and this room by Mindy Gayer employs so many of them. A plain black headboard is softened with the addition of a neutral cushion, the room is warmed by dusty pink accents, and a metal nightstand adds a bit of modernity.

"In this main bedroom, we used pink as a primary accent color within an otherwise neutral palette," Gayer says. "The first piece we sourced for this space was the beautiful vintage kilim rug. To offset the feminine touch the rug brought into the space, we sought to add contrast with the bed, nightstands, and lighting."

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Warm and Bohemian

Boho inspired bedroom with textured neutral pillows and blankets.

Boho style just lends itself perfectly to a neutral and textured space. This room brings in deeper neutrals like burnt sienna and terracotta to add warmth and depth to the design—and the ever-popular pampas grass looks stunning next to a natural wood leaning ladder.

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Layered Look

Messy bed with white comforter and gray headboard.

The “messy bed” is an ever-present look that no one can judge you for—especially if your bed looks this stylish. Gray is an essential neutral shade that makes any color stand out, and we love how well it pairs with the beiges and creams of this bedroom.

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Coastal Flare

Neutral bedroom with linen bedding.

When we think of a coastal bedroom, we may have pictures of seashells and starfish dancing in our heads—but this gorgeous beachy bedroom is here to prove coastal has many sides. This bedroom employs just the right amount of dusty blue to keep it neutral with a bit of added personality.

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Comfy and Cozy

Soft neutral bedroom with white comforter and beige knit blanket.

We love how this vintage-inspired rug and taper candles play so nicely with the more modern, rounded side tables and crisp white bedding of this neutral bedroom. The monochromatic neutral palette really makes the space feel cozy and peaceful, too.

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Rustic Chic

Rustic bedroom with white shiplap walls.

White shiplap and exposed wood are the stars of this neutral bedroom design, proving how sometimes, the natural characteristics of a space are perfect used as aesthetic muses. That leather lattice headboard jazzes up a typical wooden one and brings a chic textural element to this bedroom.

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Scandi Beauty

Scandinavian white bedroom with large exposed wooden beam.

The soft minimalism of this bedroom design blends beautifully with the neutral color palette of black and white. And thanks to the structural wooden beam, there’s a bit of added warmth and contrast, too.

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Perfect Nap Zone

Neutral bedroom with pink bed linens and hanging plant.

Sometimes, pops of color are perfect throughout the home—but the bedroom is a space where neutrals provide some much needed peace.

“We love color in our home, but when it comes to our bedroom, we tend to crave a soft and neutral palette" owner Karsyn DuPree says about her bedroom. "We loved incorporating a dusty blue ceiling to foster a sense of calm from the moment our eyes open. Textures from the pale pink linen, simple art on unbleached duck canvas, and a cozy high-pile rug add coziness to the space without being busy. It’s a perfect peaceful nap zone."

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Peace and Quiet

Boho, funky bedroom with peace sign tapestry.

Who said neutral meant devoid of personality? We adore the funky elements of this neutral bedroom that truly make it unique, from the floating shelves acting as nightstands to the singular hanging lightbulbs and peace sign tapestry.