75 of the Most Beautiful Living Room Ideas We’ve Seen

75 of the Most Beautiful Living Room Ideas We’ve Seen

best living room ideas - hunter green living room with modern furniture

Decorating a living room can be a real challenge. Do you make it formal and perfect for entertaining? Or do you make it casual, kid-friendly, and covered in easy-to-clean fabrics? Should you go for a timeless traditional style or make it more modern and trend-forward? We think you can have it both ways, and these living room design ideas prove it.

"When selecting living room furniture, I always look for comfortable seating, functional yet stylish accent tables, high performance fabrics and multi-level lighting," Jennifer Backstein of Jennifer Backstein  Interiors tells MyDomaine. See? Best of both worlds. From eclectic and casual living areas to rooms fit for entertaining and relaxing, these gorgeous designer spaces make a great case for redecorating your living room, like today.

Keep scrolling for our favorite living room ideas straight from the pros.

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Embrace Your Architecture

living room designs

When decorating your living room, be sure to consider the architectural features you want to highlight. This living room, designed by Leah Alexander of Beauty is Abundant, Beauty is Abundant, makes the most of large windows and a stunning fireplace.

"Featuring pillows and a faux fur throw from West Elm, situated in front of a sleek fireplace clad on all sides in modern large-format black tile, this living room has just enough furniture to entertain or for family movie night but is open and airy enough to enjoy the light filtering in," Alexander explains.

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Bring in Natural Elements

living room designs

This coastal living room designed by Desiree Burns of D Burns Interiors brings in elements of the outdoors with a rattan chair, oversized plant, and deep green sofa.

"The theme for this room was "not your average beach house,"' Burns says. "I wanted it to have somewhat of a coastal vibe without that being too in your face. I love the playful colors and textures throughout the room."

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Choose Smart Lighting

best living room ideas- living room design with dark couches

This light and bright living room, also designed by Desiree Burns of Burns of D Burns Interiors, makes use of a statement pendant in the center of the room. The chandelier adds great light and interest to the ceiling.

"I love how the brass chandelier plays up the modern and the leather and wood chairs ground the room," Burns says.  

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Go for an Eclectic Vibe

best living room ideas - sage green living room with olive couches

The team at Brexton Cole Interiors blended traditional elements like full-length draperies and French-inspired accent chairs with more modern elements like an acrylic coffee table and zebra rug. The room feels like a mix of treasures from this approach to design.

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Rethink Window Treatments

living room design

When you've been given the gift of gorgeous windows, sometimes it makes sense to leave them untouched by window treatments.

"When designing the living room, I wanted to create a space that felt open, light, and fresh," Victoria Bell of Victoria Bell Design explains. "The combination of the vaulted ceilings, beams, and oversized sectional is the perfect recipe for a relaxed Sunday with the family." 

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Double Down on Pattern

living room designs

We present this living room as a perfect example of maximalism. The motto? More is more. With a fun mix of color, pattern, and texture from the floor to the ceiling, this room is unforgettable.

"We wanted to create a space that really captured the client’s personality," designers Dekay& Tate say. "This space is very expressive, vibrant, creative and nods to a fun, mid-century, groovy style."

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Try a Casual Vibe

living room designs

Not all living rooms have to be formal. If you want a more relaxed vibe, go for soft texture, plenty of pillows and throws, and lots of personal touches.

"I was inspired to create a casual yet sophisticated living space for a family of seven," designer Ruqiya Imtiaz of Studio RIU says. "This living space is designed as a great room in the center of the home; I wanted it to be a meeting and gathering space for the whole family. A beautiful, casual, and comfortable place for the family to hang out, relax, and make endless memories." 

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Add a Window Seat

living rooms designs

In need of a cozy spot to read a book? Us too. Take a cue from Mani Tagba of Afro Bohemian Living and add a window seat to your space. Layer in plenty of pillows and bring in lighting for a spot you'll never tire of.

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Blend the Indoors With the Outdoors

living room designs

If you're a proud plant parent, this one's for you. By bringing in outdoor elements like raw wood and a few ferns, as Afro Bohemian Living did here, you're able to create a seamless integration with your outdoor spaces.

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Go Rustic

living room designs

Rustic homes are having a major moment. To keep the room from looking too Little House on the Prairie, bring in some softer elements for some contrast.

"I wanted to balance the rugged quality of all the wood in this post and beam home with a good dose of feminine energy," Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design explains. "We brought in a soft down-filled sectional, pretty blush fabrics, soft drapery, and a pair of ladylike lamps to create that great juxtaposition."

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Layer Texture

living room designs

When in doubt, add texture. This living room is proof that a mix of textures is key to a one-of-a-kind space.

"We layered pretty whites and chalky taupes to create a soft, airy living room in this coastal home," Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design says. "We added soft blue velvet and lots of texture to create this relaxed vibe, natural but polished."

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Focus on Comfort

living room designs

Remember that a living room should feel like people actually live there, even if you're going for a more formal look.

"I wanted more than anything for this room to be comfortable and approachable,"Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design explains. "We installed smooth beams on the ceilings and tied in the same wood tones on the frame of the chair, mantel top, even the frame of the art to carry the warmth through the room."

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Blend Warm and Cool Tones

living rooms designs

Though it seems like this is a mostly white living room, there's more to it than meets the eye. Jennifer Backstein of Jennifer Backstein Interiors mixed warm and cool tones throughout the room to a very comfy result.

"For this living room design, we paired warm and cool neutrals with pale pastel tones to create a clean, calming and cozy space," Backstein explains.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

living room ideas

If you have young children or pets, consider high-performance fabrics. If you love to entertain, think about including a bar cart or extra seating in the layout. In this loft apartment from Studio Yaqui in collaboration with JP Design Inc, the client was a young professional who wanted a fun living room update.

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Bring in Soft Elements

living room ideas

We're completely obsessed with this pink couch and overall living room setup from House of Harvee. By adding these soft and sweet elements like the floor pillows and fresh blooms, House of Harvee was able to create a welcoming and soothing space that feels like a warm hug.

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Meld Design Styles

living room ideas

You have multiple facets to your personality, so why wouldn't you also have multiple tastes in design? Mix and match your favorites to create a space that's uniquely you.

"My client defined her style as 'midcentury modern's older sister'—a little midcentury, but a little classic," Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interior says. "This living room epitomizes this style with its neutral tones, clean lines and geometric whimsy."

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Get Rid of Clutter

living room ideas

Sometimes less is more. Donate anything that isn't sparking joy, so you can focus on the things that do.

"This living room is bright, clean, and graphic," Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interior says. "My client has four little kids, so she wanted a cozy but uncluttered space for her family to gather and spend time together."

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Add Contrast

living room ideas

In this inviting living room, Hong focused on creating a livable space that still brings in plenty of interest by making a point to include contrast.

"This cozy spot is nestled among trees in the Pacific Northwest," Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interior explains. "We really embraced the existing warm gray walls and wood trim and layered in soft blush tones, creams, and some black for contrast." 

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Let There Be Light

living room ideas

Where there isn't light, create some!

"When we were designing this space, we knew we needed more light so adding a large skylight was our first priority," the team behind Arbor& Co. says. "It opened up the room so much and added sunshine that was really needed."

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Bring in a Mirror

living room ideas

Mirrors reflect light and have a tendency to make a room feel larger, two major reasons why we love them.

"My go-to-move is using a large circular mirror anywhere I can put one!" Sarah from Arbor& Co. says. "Most of the time I love to place them above the fireplaces when I style a living room."

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Make It Cozy

living room ideas

Dark walls, plenty of wood accents, and some hanging plants are a recipe for a cozy room—just ask Arbor& Co. 

"This particular space we wanted to keep moody and cozy so we decided to leave the natural stone on the fireplace," Sarah explains. "Since the room was an interesting shape with the stairway, we made the stairway wall into a built-in book shelf which turned out super rad."

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Go Classic

living room ideas

Black and white is a color combination that will never go out of style.

"I fell in love with these black windows," Sarah from Arbor& Co. explain. "Styling this home was fun because it had just been remodeled. It's a craftsman home with all modern fixtures. I used a lot of black and white to make the windows pop even more."

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Highlight the Best Features

living room ideas

Play up what you love about your living room, like the gorgeous oversized fireplace seen here. The statement pendant on the ceiling helps complement the feature as do the two woven chairs flanking either side.

"I love that there's no mantel on this one," Sarah from Arbor& Co. explains. "It just doesn't need one here. Another aspect I love is the large ceiling pendant that draws your eyes up."

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Layer Rugs

On the other side of the same room by Arbor& Co. , the team kept things simple to keep the focus on the fireplace. But simple doesn't mean boring—take a look at the layered rugs.

"This one was a funky layout which was a fun challenge for me, but I pulled it all together by overlapping the rugs," Sarah explains. "I added a cluster of art over the couch for some modern flairs." 

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Consider Scale

living room ideas

What works in one living room might not work in another; it all comes down to proportions. A wide space like this benefits from larger furniture and oversized accent chairs.

"I simply love how big, wide, and bright this space is," Sarah from Arbor& Co. says. "It's good to add some texture to a huge all-white room, so that was the goal here. Large pieces of furniture and a large cozy rug!" 

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Don't Forget the Walls

living room ideas

The addition of simple draperies and a textured macrame wall hanging help bring a contemporary touch to a Craftsman home.

"Portland is filled with many older homes and being able to style them with a modern touch is my favorite," Sarah from Arbor& Co. says. "The windows in these homes are always so beautiful. I love seeing what people keep from the original houses like pendants and old brick fireplaces."

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Carve Out Space

living room ideas

In this living room designed by Arbor& Co., the team made use of a small area by the entryway to create a living area, proving that you don't need a ton of space or a formal foyer to have a nice space to relax or entertain.

When carving out a living area, especially in an open-concept layout, use rugs to define the space from the rest of the home.

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Add Some DIYs

living room designs

When in doubt, DIY it.

"I built the side shelves and made texture art above the fireplace mantel to bring warmth to what was bare," Amanda of design blog Dwellaware explains. "We didn’t have enough lighting in the room, so I bought these brass plug-in sconces with long white cords to add function and beautiful form. I also enjoy using a lot of live plants in this room to give life and refreshment to the space."

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Make Neutrals Interesting

best living room ideas - manhattan apartment with textured ceiling

A neutral color scheme will never go out of style but it can be hard to keep it interesting. Follow Bespoke Only's lead and look for furniture in neutral shades but stunning shapes. Our favorite feature of this room has to be the deep green ceiling tile—another gorgeous take on a simple color scheme.

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Go for a Statement Sofa

best living room ideas- emerald green velvet sofa in bohemian living room

You'll be spending a lot of time in the living room, so you might as well like the furniture. Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins Living chose a stunning green velvet sectional to anchor her space. Consider high-performance fabrics if your living room will be frequented by pets, kids, or lots of guests.

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Mix and Match Patterns

best living room ideas - living room with statement seating

Take a cue from Atlanta design duo Forbes Masters the next time you're thinking of mixing patterns. The team blended small motifs like herringbone with a more organic watercolor print of the rug with a larger mudcloth pattern on the pillow. A perfect combination.

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Embrace Traditional Details

best living room ideas - blue wainscoting and wallpaper

Features like wainscoting should be highlighted, like designer Gail Davis of Gail Davis Designs did here. The warm blue color mixed with traditional wallpaper creates a nice juxtaposition of old meets new.

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Curate Your Shelves

best living room ideas - built in storage shelfs well-curated

If you're lucky enough to have built-ins (or even just a bookcase), be sure to style them wisely. A mix of textures, shapes, and colors, as seen in this design by Karen Emile of Milk& Honey Life, is a smart way to go. Leave some empty space so they don't seem cluttered.

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Create a Reading Nook

best living room ideas - reading nook with ottoman, comfy chair and magazine rack

No window seat, no problem. Designer Emily Henderson paired a leather chair with a magazine rack that doubles as a side table and added a cozy throw and accent pillow. Chair + table + blankets = the perfect recipe for a reading nook.

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Go Dark and Moody

best living room ideas - dark color walls with vintage paintings

Light colors in small rooms can make the space feel larger, but dark colors can make them feel incredibly cozy. Belinda Hellen chose a moody black paint for this TV room, even covering the trim, to create a space perfect for settling in.

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Choose Earthy Shades

best living room ideas - light and bright living room with earthy texture

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this light and bright living room from Light& Dwell evokes a sunny farmhouse vibe. As the home is in the Pacific Northwest, designer Molly Kidd brought in earthy greens to mimic the natural surroundings.

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Embrace Symmetry

best living room ideas - black and white symmetrical living room

Symmetry always works. Designer Molly Kidd of Light& Dwell chose matching built-ins to flank the fireplace, adding two leather ottomans in front, and matching gray chairs on either side.

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Blend Your Living and Dining Spaces

best living room ideas - blended living and dining room

In small or open concept spaces, sometimes you have to combine your living and eating spaces. Do as Anne Sage did in this home and add a rug to your living space to define that area. A buffet in the dining area helps anchor that space.

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Go (Nearly) Monochrome

best living room ideas - light pink couch with matching pink walls

If you have a favorite color, why not go all out? Danielle Nagel of Dazey Den took a soft pink and made it her muse for this living area. A deep teal chair is one of the only other shades in the space.

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Play With Primary Colors

best living room ideas - primary color furnishings

If you're in need of inspiration, turn to the color wheel. Katie Martinez of Katie Martinez Design studied her color theory, mixing yellow with its fellow primary color, blue. The rest of the space is kept fairly neutral to highlight the bold color choice.

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Consider Shapes

best living room ideas - white living room with dark accents

When choosing furniture, always consider the shape of each piece. Katie Hodges of Katie Hodges Design mixed shapes and visual weight to give interest to a neutral living room. A soft, rounded chair mixed with a spiral-leg coffee table, and an airy woven chair give an eclectic but chic vibe to the space.

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Stick to a Color Scheme

best living rooms - traditional living room with color schemes and prints

When designing a living room, don't be afraid of color. The team at Studio Peake chose a faded red, bright blue, and white color scheme for this cozy and traditional living area.

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Create an Office Area

best living room ideas - desk and chair in living room

Sometimes your living room has to double as a home office too. Follow Studio Peake's lead and add a desk, comfy chair, and task lamp to your living room for a workspace that's as beautiful as it is functional.

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Add Sculptural Elements

This living room by Yael Weiss Interior is worthy of a museum. The designer played with striking pieces, evoking high art and sculpture. We can't get over the coffee table.

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Try Tone-on-Tone

best living room ideas - tone on tone living room

If you're thinking of going monochrome, but you're not sure you want to commit to one shade, try a tone-on-tone look. In this living room designed by Whitney Parkinson Design, various shades of cream and taupe are blended for a calming and inviting look.

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Mix Old and New

best living room ideas - vintage painting with modern accessories

Vintage and current trends make for an eclectic space. Designer Tyler karu blended an old-fashioned painting with more updated accessories like this peace sign gold sculpture for a one-of-a-kind living room.

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Commit to a Shade

best living room ideas - hunter green living room with modern furniture

Sarah Fultz of Sarah Fultz Interiors isn't afraid of a bold color choice. She covered the brick fireplace, walls, and ceiling of this living room in a deep hunter green shade, keeping the floors and furniture light.

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Warm up White Walls

best living room ideas - white walls with caramel colored couches and warm accents

White walls are never going out of style, but sometimes they can feel a little sterile. Sarah Fultz of Sarah Fultz Interiors avoided that problem, by adding warm-toned art to the walls and plenty of cozy furnishings.

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Consider the Visual Weight of the Room

best living room ideas - blue couch and neutral accents

Too much heavy furniture and your room just won't work. A mix of both heavy and light furniture (in terms of visual weight) is the way to go, as seen here in this living room designed by Pure Salt Interiors.

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Dive Into Maximalism

best living room ideas - maximalist living room with wallpaper and layered rugs

Sure, we'll always love minimalism, but there's just something special about a maximalist room done right. Designer Katherine Carter mixed printed wallpaper, jewel tones, and layered rugs to create an eclectic-cool living room that doesn't seem too busy.

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Add a Rocking Chair

emily henderson rustic living room

Cozy up your space and vary your seating by adding in a rocker. And no, that doesn't have to mean you need to embrace a farmhouse aesthetic. This living room incorporates a rustic-chic rocking chair with a leather back for a sleek, minimalistic vibe.

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Add Shelving

living room carpet ideas gray

Do gallery walls intimidate you? Instead, opt for a more minimalistic approach. Mount a single shelf and lean your favorite prints against the wall. The result is simple but impactful.

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Take Traditional Eclectic

colorful living room

It doesn't have to be all or nothing—you can opt for a traditional aesthetic but still bring in tons of personality. This living room incorporates classic silhouettes and styles but punches it up with color, pattern, and bold art.

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Skip the Rug

Simple Living Room Ideas

Rugs up the cozy factor of your space, but if you want a more sleek, sophisticated feel, skip the rug altogether. Thanks to plush sofas, this room still feels plenty inviting. Another bonus? You'll avoid the dreaded carpet stains.

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Mix Materials

living room carpet ideas layered rugs

This living room mixes marble and brick, which adds a rustic touch to an otherwise glam fireplace. Though the two materials might seem as though they wouldn't work together, mixing materials can help tone down a room and make it feel more accessible and homey.

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Hang a Pendant

living room with bright colors

Statement lighting can make all the difference. This daring light fixture adds a playful touch to an otherwise streamlined space. Pops of color in the chair and rug add to the effect.

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Add Pattern to Your Fireplace

Living Room Ideas

The herringbone pattern and pops of color from the interior of this fireplace breaks up this otherwise monochrome living room. Though subtle, adding an unexpected pattern can be just enough to elevate a space.

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Add Floor Pillows

living room carpet ideas floor pillows

Need more seating but short on space? You don't need another chair or couch—instead, opt for some comfy floor pillows! Choose ones that are colorful and/or patterned to create a boho feel.

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Clash Your Colors

living room

These colors shouldn't work together, but the bold use of pink and red in small doses creates a fun vibe to this otherwise minimalistic space. Floor-to-ceiling beige drapery helps tone down all the color.

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Hang a Tapestry

living room design ideas

A large-scale tapestry is another great, budget-friendly alternative to a complicated gallery wall. You can usually find them for affordable prices, they add unique texture to your space, and they cover a large surface area.

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Play Off Other Rooms

living room carpet ideas blue

We love how this living room incorporates colors from the adjacent kitchen. The pillows and rug pick up the blue from the cabinets, making the open floor plan feel cohesive and thought-out.

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Make a Statement With Your Couch

living room

Have a plain room? You don't need paint or bold artwork. Instead, you can make a statement with your couch. This green sectional punches up the neutral living area.

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Add Sliding Doors

Easy Living Room Ideas

Close off your living room from the rest of the house with a set of sliding doors. We love that these have windows, which creates privacy but still keeps the room feeling light and airy. Black framing helps contrast the white walls.

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Play With Pink

living room

If you love pink but still want your space to feel sophisticated, opt for a pale blush. Contrasted with black, the pink looks grown-up and elevated. Pattern in the rug and chair keeps the space feeling fresh.

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Incorporate Wallpaper

Printed wallpaper and colorful throw pillows in a living room

Make a small living room feel like a jewel box by adding wallpaper. If you want to avoid anything too bold, choose a neutral color in a fun pattern. Jewel-toned pillows add to the effect.

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Add Large-Scale Art

gray living room

Want to make a statement in an otherwise neutral room? Add large-scale artwork. The piece in the living room pictured is minimal in pattern and color, but still puches up the room thanks to its size.

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Contrast Black and White

Luxe Living Room

When in doubt, go with this always classic color combo. Black and white can work in a traditional, modern, glam, or even farmhouse space (and so many more!). Though both colors are neutral, the contrast makes a huge impact.

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Utilize Mirrors

naked bulbs living room lighting

If you have a small living space, bring out the oldest trick in the book: mirrors. Hanging an oversized mirror can open up the room and create the illusion of more space. Instead of hanging a regular mirror over your fireplace, take a cue from this room and install a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror.

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Add Molding

gray living room

Instantly elevate a room's glam factor with some paneling and molding on the walls. This tiny living room feels incredibly luxe thanks to a combination of woodworking, brass finishings, and elegant décor. Paint everything the same color for a streamlined feel.

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Go European

French Living Room

This living room is brimming with Parisian vibes thanks to a gilded mirror, ornate fireplace, and minimalistic furniture. A leather chaise ups the glam vibes of the space while adding a touch of cozy.

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Try a Statement Chair

living room lighting pendant

Though this living room is neutral, adding a statement chair makes a major statement. This one adds both height and texture to the space (and needless to say plenty of boho vibes). A patterned pillow ups the cozy factor.

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Switch up Your Gallery Wall

Bright and airy living room with gray sofa

A gallery wall doesn't have to mean pictures only. This pastel dream of a living room incorporates rattan bowls/plates as well as live plants. The result? A totally unique and statement-making wall.

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Use Hobbies as Décor

Cute Living Room

Whether you're a surfer or a musician, you can incorporate your favorite hobby in your living room. This string instrument propped up in the corner not only gives you easy access when you're ready to play, but it also serves as décor (and brings your personality into the space!).

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Try a Candle Chandelier

living room lighting candle chandelier

A candle chandelier is a must in a Spanish-style living room. It adds drama, light, and plenty of old-world charm. Match it to your beams if you have them.

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Don't Fear Red

gray living room

This urban apartment gets a serious pop of color from red-framed windows. Since the bold color is next to plenty of natural light, it keeps it from overpowering the space. Keep the rest of the room neutral to avoid clashing.