16 Farmhouse Bedrooms That Embrace Rustic Chic Style

16 Farmhouse Bedrooms That Embrace Rustic Chic Style

Green farmhouse bedroom

In recent years, the creaky floorboards and charming qualities of centuries-old farms and worn-down homesteads have been romanticized and turned into a style all their own: farmhouse. For the most part, the components of farmhouse style defy the wave of modern, minimal bedrooms and spaces that have been sticking around for quite a long time. Farmhouse style gets rid of clean lines, matching accent pieces, and refined furniture, and instead embraces the aged, antiquated, and timeless.

This was, in part, thanks to Joanna Gaines's enthusiasm for the style on Fixer Upper—farmhouse décor quickly grew in popularity once the show premiered, and it hasn't slowed down since. Although the word itself may make you think of Gaines' ultra-bright white rooms with old signs, rustic benches, and beadboard everything, there is so much more to the look than that.

Up ahead, you'll find 16 examples of how to emulate this aesthetic in your own bedroom, many of which are refreshing approaches that go beyond the presumed limits of farmhouse style.

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Touch of Rustic

Neutral farmhouse bedroom

A gorgeous bedroom like this shows that it only takes a few objects to inch a space closer to the farmhouse style. The wooden sliding door and chandelier are unmatched statements that play nicely against the wooden ceiling, white walls, and bedding, all without feeling too gritty.

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Boho Meets Farmhouse

Bright and airy farmhouse bedroom

Just by looking at this photo, you can tell how comforting and cozy it would be to relax in this space. It blurs the line between farmhouse and boho, thanks to the mixing of woven materials and rusty, warm colors with a freestanding tub and old wood accents.

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Cozy Fabrics

Farmhouse-style bedroom

Texture is everything when it comes to nailing down a rustic aesthetic. The epitome of farmhouse relies heavily on wood, natural fabrics, and raw materials. This bedroom ticks the boxes for each of these things and looks truly inviting.

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Dramatic Farmhouse

Dark wall in a farmhouse bedroom

If you’re one who prefers dramatic color palettes featuring moody shades, but you can’t stop dreaming about beadboard, the addition of black can suit all your needs. Paint over wooden walls and buff them out for an aged finish, then match them to your bedding and lighting for a space that places somewhat polar opposite details together seamlessly.

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Farm in the Woods

Rustic bedroom

In every farmhouse space, there's an underlying rustic echo. If you err on the side of rustic and prefer things a little less uniform and clean, a bedroom like this one from Jessie Bush of We the People Style will check every box. Exposed beams, cozy fabrics, and lots of wood make it a dreamy farmhouse getaway.

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Scandinavian Farmhouse

Light and airy bedroom

Perhaps you admire farmhouse from afar, but your main focus is a bedroom that's restful and hygge at its core. That won't be an issue if you take note of this space, which is inherently Scandinavian with a few touches of farmhouse, including herringbone wood floors, an exposed wood beam, and natural textiles such as linen.

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Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse bedroom

It's the subtler touches that make this space emanate a modern, soft, and cozy farmhouse vibe. The quilt, rug, and drapes all contribute to the homestead vibes, but the lamp and bed frame pull it into a more modern rendition of this style.

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Farmhouse Meets Industrial

Wooden and teal bed

While this space was designed with kids in mind, it's stylish enough to serve as a guest bedroom, too. The wooden headboard and cage light feel very rustic, but the introduction of metal and pops of saturated color make it feel a tad more industrial.

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Tinge of Shabby Chic

White master bedroom

Thought shabby chic was out? Think again. There's no better style to incorporate into a farmhouse bedroom; it's just a matter of balance. Things like the statement mirror and chandelier fit under this umbrella, while the chair and wood flooring will make you feel like you're right at home on the farm.

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Green-Toned Farmhouse

Green farmhouse bedroom

Expand your farmhouse horizons by adding an unexpected color to the walls. While many bedrooms slather on white or another quiet hue, this dusty green proves why you shouldn't be intimidated by rethinking the palette when it comes to this style.

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Blend Your Styles

Boho farmhouse bedroom

Can't decide on a theme? Don't feel pressured to draw the line between styles in your bedroom. Giving yourself free rein with the items you choose can result in a sleeping space as stylish as this one. Silver candlesticks and the rustic accent next to the bedside table provide farmhouse appeal, but the baskets, plants, and pillows tell a different style story.

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A Touch of Metal

Neutral bedroom

If you're not sure where to start in constructing a farmhouse bedroom, a wrought iron bed frame is the perfect place to begin. Add in some beige bedding and an antique table, as shown in this space, and you're on your way to the rustic bedroom of your dreams.

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Jewel-Tone Splashes

Green and blue accents in a bedroom

This bedroom is another perfect example of gently expressing love for all things farmhouse. Although it's not decked out in beadboard and rustic lighting, it's inherently farmhouse, thanks to the ladder, bedding choices, and mismatched vases.

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Eclectic Nuances

Eclectic farmhouse bedroom

Upon first look, this space doesn't quite take the shape of your classic farmhouse bedroom (that's quite the modern bedside table). However, antique gold frames, linen, and leather all draw on a farmhouse theme and make it feel homier than your typical modern or eclectic room.

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European Farmhouse

Neutral-colored bedroom

Beadboard, wood, and a simple composition make this bedroom worthy of being categorized as farmhouse, but there are a few details that make it more interesting. The tufted headboard, velvet pillows, and even the lamp base give this space a slight lean towards a European aesthetic. This means you can continue dreaming of eating clotted cream on a scone in the English countryside or getting away to a cottage in the South of France.

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An Air of Coastal

Modern farmhouse bedroom with wooden dresser

Shiplap, aged wood, and quilts? It doesn't get more quaint and cozy than this. The few touches that don't necessarily match but complement each other in terms of color and texture—like the lamp and pot—make it feel super cohesive. This bedroom presents an idyllic space to sleep for those who like to blend breezy coastal and warm farmhouse styles