16 Ways to Craft a Calming Lavender Bedroom

16 Ways to Craft a Calming Lavender Bedroom

A bedroom with lavender walls, mauve sheets, and lavender blankets

Some colors lend themselves naturally to the bedroom. Soft grays, serene blues, and crisp whites come to mind. But, even less expected options—like lavender—can suit your space just as seamlessly. “Lavender is associated with serenity and calmness, so it only makes sense that the perfect place to use it is in the bedroom,” Kylie Bodiya, senior interior designer at Bee's knees Interior Design Studio, says.

Of course, paint color is one obvious way to use lavender in your bedroom, but there are plenty of other options on offer. You can cover your bed with lavender throw pillows, add a couple of lavender accent pieces, or even hang some lavender art.

In other words? Lavender bedroom ideas abound—and we’ve rounded up 16 of our favorites, below.

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Layer Different Prints

A bedroom with light pink walls, printed lavender walls, and a printed mint headboard

Interested in bringing more lavender into your bedroom? Start by layering in some prints and patterns. Printed pieces can bridge the gap between the palette you already have and the one you want, making it easy to gradually perfect your space over time. Don’t worry about overdoing it—keep your eye out for pieces with similar shapes, lines, and colors, and try to pair patterns of different sizes.

Turn Your Closet Into a Statement Piece

A bedroom with lavender walls and a lavender closet door

Bringing lavender into your bedroom doesn’t have to mean painting your entire space lavender. Look for doors, closets, dressers, and other nooks and crannies. These smaller spots are excellent candidates for a little monochromatic décor. By painting them lavender—or loading them up with lavender décor—you can diversify your palette without redecorating the rest of the room.

And if you're not convinced that your closet needs a touch-up, you can always paint your ceiling a soft shade of lavender, instead. "Paint your ceiling in a very light shade of lavender," Brenna Morgan, owner and principal designer at Brenna Morgan Interiors, says. "It’s quick, easy, and affordable. Throw in a few pillows and you’ve got a mini makeover."

Add a Pop of Lavender With Your Sheets

A bed with gray linens and lavender patterned sheets

If you’d prefer a subtler take on a lavender bedroom, skip the lavender bedspread and stock up on lavender sheets, instead. When you make your bed, be sure to pull your sheets out just a little. By folding them over your bedspread, you can reveal your pop of lavender without overwhelming the rest of your space.

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Hang Lavender Drapes

A bedroom corner with lavender drapes and a brown leather chair

When many of us decorate our bedrooms, we neglect our windows, leaving them exactly as we found them. But, a simple set of drapes can dramatically transform your palette.

"Deep colors set off the 'calm switch' in our brains," Kristin Bartone, creative director and principal designer at Bartone Interiors, says. Since lavender is so light, she recommends seeking out a shade with gray undertones to "promote a sense of restfulness."

Since drapes can also help you adjust the ambiance of your bedroom, they promise to be a worthwhile purchase.

Ground Your Space With Earth Tones

A bedroom with olive green and washed-out lavender pillows

Lavender may be a quiet color, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to decorate with. Thankfully, there are a few colors that pair well with lavender every time. These include earth tones, like warm gold, olive green, and chocolate brown.

Pairing these more rustic shades with such a pretty purple may sound like a recipe for disaster, but the colors bring out the best in each other, with lavender softening the earth tones—and the earth tones grounding lavender, in return.

Another color that pairs great with lavender? Yellow—or a yellower shade of white. "Remember your complementary colors," Bodiya says. "The opposite color of purple is yellow. Obviously, yellow is very stark—and we're not talking about saturated purples and yellows."

She recommends pairing a few lavender accents with a warm white shade with yellow undertones.

Snag a Showstopping Pillow

A bedroom with blue linens and a lavender printed pillow

If you were looking for an excuse to buy another throw pillow, you’re in luck. A bold lavender pillow can transform your bedroom’s palette—no other furniture, paint, or decor needed.

That said, if you don’t want your pillow to stand on its own, you can always snag a matching accent piece like a printed lavender lounge chair that can sit in the corner of your bedroom.

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Pair Lavender With Lavender

A bedroom with lavender walls, mauve sheets, and lavender blankets

Some colors are best in small doses, but since lavender is so subtle, you can get away with using a lot of it. Cover your walls in the color, and then snag a lavender throw to match. And you can use analogous colors—like mauve and periwinkle—to round out your palette in a way that still feels soft and serene.

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Play With Softer Shades

A mostly off-white bedroom with a washed-out lavender pillow

There are tons of different lavender shades out there, and some are subtler than others. If you’re hoping to craft a minimalist interior, consider stocking up on softer, more washed-out shades of the color. The hyper-pastel should look great next to pale yellows, soft beiges, and of course, crisp whites.

"Color is a complete mood changer," Morgan says. "Softer, paler tones work great in bedrooms, as they are places to unwind and relax. Brighter colors work best in places of celebration or creation, like offices or dining spaces."

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Trim Your Headboard

A bedroom with a white headboard that's been painted lavender along the trim

Buying a new headboard is an easy way to upgrade your bedroom, but what about transforming the headboard you already have? By painting the trim along your headboard, you can bring color into your space without buying anything new. And since it’s a DIY project, you can rest assured knowing your headboard will be one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours.

You can also line the trim of your room with lavender, instead. "I love adding color to the ceiling and trim of a room," Bartone says. "It’s unexpected and adds character."

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Invest in a Few Bold Accents

An all-white bedroom with blue pillows and a bold amethyst geode accent

Your lavender bedroom doesn't have to be lavender from top to bottom. In fact, a few bold accent pieces can go a long way—especially if they’re more saturated than some of the other colors in your space. Look for lavender accents you love, and stock up on a few. Amethyst geodes and cherry blossom crystals should make stunning additions to any nightstand.

When in doubt, you can always stick with lavender in its original form. "If you are on the fence about it, pick up some lilac stems or dried lavender," Morgan says. "The scent and the color will change your mind."

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Commit to a Lavender Bedspread

A bedroom with a lavender bedspread and pink and blue throw pillows

If you want to go all in on lavender, snag a lavender bedspread. Choose an option that’s as subtle or as saturated as you want it to be. Since the color is so calming, it should make a lovely addition to your bed—no matter how bold you go.

You can always round out your bed’s color scheme with a few thoughtfully chosen throw pillows. 

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Make Lavender Your Accent Color

A blush pink bedroom with lavender accent furniture

Most lavender bedrooms are neutral-forward with a few pops of lavender mixed in. But, lavender doesn’t have to be the only noticeable color in your space. If you’re craving a palette that’s a little bolder, consider letting lavender play the supporting role in your bedroom.

Since the color is so soft and subtle, it should be up to the task. Just pick a bolder color that pairs well with it—like an earth tone, or a shade that’s a few steps away from lavender on the color wheel.

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Set the Scene With an Extra-Wide Pillow

a bedroom with a gray headboard, white pillows, and a large lavender pillow

One pillow might sound like a small addition to a space, but it can make a surprisingly big difference—especially if you snag an extra-wide option. The bigger a pillow is, the more attention it will demand. Make a statement with an extra-large pillow, or keep it subtle with a smaller one.

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Pair Smaller Decor for a Bigger Impact

A white bedroom with a lavender vase and a lavender painting of a bouquet

A small lavender vase can easily be overwhelmed by the other décor in your bedroom, even if it’s the only colorful piece in your space. If you want to amplify the impact of a smaller accent, consider pairing it with another small accent.

Try to match the colors of the pieces pretty closely, and place them close together in the room. This proximity will make each piece seem a little bigger, giving you that powerful pop of lavender you’re looking for. 

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Keep Your Palette Flexible

A white bed with a lavender throw blanket on it

Some design choices are bigger commitments than others. If you know you want a lavender bedroom, you can go all-in on a coat of paint or an expensive headboard. But, if you’re just experimenting with the idea of a lavender space, you might prefer something a little more temporary—like a lavender throw.

The benefit of a throw blanket is that it’s large and visible, so it’s sure to make a statement in your space. But since it’s completely temporary, you can keep it as long as you want—and swap it out the moment you prefer something else. 

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When in Doubt, Work in Threes

A bedroom with a lavender throw pillow, throw blanket, and work of art

Decorating with any color can get intimidating. You want a space that feels dynamic but harmonious, and that balance can be tough to strike. But, working in threes makes it a little easier.

Try to color-coordinate your accent pieces in trios. Place a lavender throw at the foot of your bed, complement it with a lavender pillow, and hang a