16 Ways to Decorate With Brown in the Bedroom

16 Ways to Decorate With Brown in the Bedroom

If you are hunting for a neutral color that exudes calm and tranquility, consider brown. While brown may not be a color you're used to decorating with, it's definitely a hue you shouldn't sleep on, especially in the bedroom. There are endless shades and depths of brown, so you can easily find a way to bring this unexpected color into your room.

From a statement wall to rich brown furniture, there are many ways to pull in brown throughout your bedroom. Darken up those white walls with a coat or two of paint, or hunt for a few statement art pieces to add instant warmth.

Read on for more ideas and inspiration for decorating with brown in the bedroom.

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Paint an Accent Wall

Orange and brown bedroom

A rich brown coat of paint such as Tanner's Brown from Farrow & Ball can create a cozy, warm escape in the bedroom. This color is great for rooms with a lot of natural light that won't feel overly dark and dim. Pair with bold colors such as orange or green for a pop of color, or keep it neutral with light beige or off-white to let brown really take centerstage.

Pair With Earthy Clay

Medium brown bedroom

Brown can feel rich and dense, but it can also feel super earthy and grounded. We love this cool brown tone, especially when it's paired with a chalky clay color.

This room gets bonus points for picking wall prints that draw on both shades to really pull the entire space together.

Consider Ombre

Ombre wall

If you're considering adding wallpaper to your bedroom, this ombre brown option is a great way to pull in some color without giving up that neutral feel. Pair with stark whites for a lovely contrast, or keep it in the brown family with beige or tan bedding.

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Go for Monochrome

Brown bedroom

Decorating a bedroom in a monochromatic theme is a nice way to keep the space calm and simple. You can pull in various shades of brown to give your room dimension and depth, but try to find shades with equally warm undertones.

Opt for Brown Furniture

Earthy bedroom with rug

If brown paint is too much of a commitment for you, you can still pull in the warmth of brown. Pick furniture pieces with rich brown materials that feel grounded and heavy, but keep the rest of the room light and airy with neutrals and cool undertones.

For the wall paint, opt for an off-white or light beige that gives the room depth but won't feel dark when paired with the brown bed and nightstands.

Hang a Wall Tapestry

Brown tapestry

Even a pop of brown is enough to add depth to your bedroom. This hanging wall tapestry has just enough brown to give the bedroom a rich, dramatic feel without a lot of work.

Embrace the Jungle

Bedroom with florals and brown accents

One place you always find different shades of brown? In nature. We can't get enough of this tropical-inspired wallpaper that features muted gold, green, and brown hues. It's a lovely way to add color to a bedroom but still feels incredibly grounded and peaceful.

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Use It in a Nursery

Medium brown bedroom

If you're considering a gender-neutral nursery, brown is a perfect and unexpected color to try. It works well with animal-themed nurseries, and adds just enough of color that it feels like a rich, warm hug.

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Keep It Light

Bedroom with rattan and cane

Brown comes in so many shades, and tan is probably one of the most commonly used shades. This pale brown color is a great alternative to beige when you want to add a little richness to your space. It also pairs wonderfully with rattan and cane-style furniture.

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Use Natural Materials

Tan and brown bedroom

Brown works very well in natural textiles such as linen or bamboo. Layer your bedding to add a lot of texture and alternate the shades of brown to give your bedroom depth.

You can keep the entire bedroom soft and neutral, or you can pull in muted green or oranges throughout wall art or throw pillows in for a touch of color.

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Look for Texture

Twin beds in a room

From sisal to jute to linen, natural materials are often found in their original color. You can play with various shades of brown and tan by focusing on handmade, natural furniture or accessories that are free of dye. Embracing nature in your bedroom creates a soothing space you'll never want to leave.

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Don't Forget the Fifth Wall

Bedroom with wood ceiling

If you haven't considered wood paneling as a way to play with brown in your bedroom, this bedroom will make you think again. Consider transforming your ceiling with a layer of wood paneling to transform your space and create an instant statement.

Pull in wooden furniture and accessories to stick with the neutral vibe.

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Try a Toffee Brown

Light brown bedroom

A rich, dark chocolate works well in light-filled spaces, but a room without as much sun should be a little lighter. Consider a toffee shade of paint that is just warm enough, but still airy and neutral. This is a great alternative to the beige or grays that you may be used to decorating with.

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Keep It Light

Bedroom with brown aesthetic

Rattan and cane furniture is incredibly popular right now and it's a great way to decorate with brown in the bedroom. The light tan pieces don't weigh the space down like rich brown furniture can, and the soft light brown walls pull the whole look together.

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Make It Peachy

Light orange and tan bedroom

Another way we love decorating with brown in the bedroom is by focusing on those pale brown shades and pairing them with peachy, orange tones. Because tan and peach share similar undertones, they pair wonderfully together and can be a great way to give your bedroom color without overpowering.

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Hang Wallpaper

Bedroom with tan bedding

Wallpaper not only adds texture to your space but can also add a lot of visual interest without hanging any art at all. This neutral, cozy space features polka dot wallpaper with specks of brown and tan that feel earthy and welcoming.