17 French Country Bathroom Ideas That Feel Extra Luxe

17 French Country Bathroom Ideas That Feel Extra Luxe

lisa gilmore french country

As design enthusiasts, we know we shouldn't play favorites—however, the bathroom is definitely our happy place. (A room entirely dedicated to relaxation and pampering? Yes, please.) Every bathroom deserves to be dressed to the nines, and if you want to add a little je ne sais quoi to yours, you might want to consider the French country style. Equal parts luxurious and rustic, a French country bathroom is practically begging you to kick back and relax.

So, how do you bring this unique style into your space? Read on for 17 gorgeous French country bathroom ideas. From small tweaks or bigger transformations, there's something here for everyone.

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Refashion Old Furniture

my chic obsession

As this primary bathroom from My Chic Obsession proves, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Here, blogger Carolyn Arentson turned a charming table into a beyond-stylish sink vanity. The ornate detailing and natural wood finish strike a happy balance between luxury and country.

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Try rhe Tiny Tile Treatment

nesting with grace bathroom

There's something about small, hexagonal tiles that immediately transport us to an intimate bistro along the Champs-Élysées. If you want to bring this fabulous design trick to the country, pair a sweet floor with a subway tiled backsplash, an elegant clawfoot tub, and a paneled ceiling. Nesting With Grace blogger Brooke Christen mastered the look in this peaceful setup.

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Spring for Gold Touches

a glass of bovino bathroom

When it comes to bathroom hardware that oozes a luxurious, French attitude, you can't go wrong with brass. But, if you want to make this standout metal feel more farmhouse-friendly, pair it with cozy details.

Here, blogger Alisa Bovino added a green paint shade, charming millwork, and sweet scones to the mix. Monogrammed towels round out the look, making this French country bathroom look more like a five-star hotel.

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Add a Tub

cathie hong interiors

Does it get any more French than a gorgeous, clawfoot tub? Absolutely not, which is exactly why it's the ultimate French country bathroom idea. Cathie Hong brought a little bit of country into the mix with a wooden ladder and paneled walls. Oh, la la!

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Try Tub and Tile

lisa gilmore french country

If you want to make your luxurious soaking tub feel even fancier, consider pairing it with some strategically placed tile. The printed set used in this space by Lisa Gilmore takes on the life of a privacy screen, which would definitely get Marie Antoinette's seal of approval.

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Opt for Ornate Touches

french country

Another way to elevate your clawfoot tub is to pack on opulent touches such as a bronze finishing or carved feet. Let this sophisticated setup from Austin-based interior designer Erin Williamson show you how it's done.

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Wow With Wallpaper

french country blesser home

A great repeat knows no bounds and, as this option from Blesser Home proves, it can really bring those French country vibes front and center. We specifically love this floral wallpaper with light green millwork and a vintage vanity.

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Let There Be Light

Victoria Bell

As far as we're concerned, very few things offer a French je nais se quois quite like an elegant chandelier. Thanks to the beaded fixture in this space from Victoria Bell gives this European element a rustic edge.

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Work In Some Wood

french country stephanie hoey

If you want to put the "country" in French country bathroom ideas, employ some natural wooden tones. If you need any inspiration, look no further than this area from Stephanie Hoey Interiors. When paired with a sweet floral wallpaper, the light wooden vanity will transport you to a gorgeous cottage in Provence.

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Create Contrast

french country bathroom

What's black, white, and chic all over? This French country bathroom idea from Ashley Montgomery. The high-contrast color palette is unequivocally European—especially when paired with a clawfoot tub—while the variety of textures keeps this space from feeling sterile.

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Back to Black

Katie LeClercq

Speaking of creating contrast, you can always reimagine the power combination by making black the predominant color. Interior designer Katie LeClercq nailed this look by peppering a white toilet and marble countertop.

Adding the wood-paneled walls strikes a happy medium between French country and farmhouse.

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Incorporate Art

Katie LeClercq

Whoever said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder was most definitely talking about art. If you want to bring a little bit of the Louvre into your bathroom, we give you full permission to incorporate some of your finest pieces here. Here, Katie LeClercq used ornate frames to hold simple sketches. The result? A perfect mix of rustic and regal.

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Embrace the Quirks

french country

One of the best parts of French country spaces is that they're bursting with eclectic-yet-charming touches. If you don't have any sweet nooks and crannies in your own space, consider adding some built-ins to your bathroom. Let this space from JK Interior Living act as the perfect inspiration.

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Mix and Match

Kate Marker Interiors

Of course, there's more to French country bathroom than its luxurious environment. Some of the best spaces have juxtaposing materials that somehow work seamlessly together. With wood paneling, a marble basin, and brass accents, this space from Kate Marker gets the job done in style.

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Embrace Symmetry

britt design studio

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with symmetry. The matching vanities, mirrors, and shade-clad sconces in this room from Britt Design  Studio create an understated elegance that is so prominent in French country bathrooms. (Not to mention the symmetrical footprint draws the eye directly to that gorgeous tub.)

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Make a Mirrored Marvel

brexton cole

Looking for an easy way to bring the French country spirit to any bathroom? Simply add a mirror. In this space from Brexton Cole, an ultra-ornate mirror gives even the most contemporary wallpaper c'est magnifique!

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Try Toile

emily henderson bathroom

Of course, it'd be virtually impossible to have any conversation about French country bathroom ideas without mentioning toile. Equal parts chic and charming, this specific wallpaper offers the best of both worlds. The good news is that toile isn't a one-style-suits-all situation. Designer Emily Henderson gave this style a fresh spirit with a whimsical illustration.