20 Best Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Accents

20 Best Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Accents

Farmhouse Dining Rooms

Redecorating gives you the ability to transform your atmosphere, no matter where you're located. Case in point: You don't need to own a farm to enjoy the welcoming, charming decorof a country home. From weathered wood tables to inviting spindle-back chairs, nothing says home sweet home better than a farmhouse dining room.

Here's how to incorporate the lived-in charm and welcoming vibe of the farmhouse style into your dining room like a pro.

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Keep It Airy

Farmhouse Dining Room

Real farmhouses are filled with fresh air and tons of natural light. Keep things light and airy via blonde wood details, bright white walls, tons of windows, and delicate details.

If your home is lacking natural light, paint your walls in a warm white paint color, which will brighten up your space and mimic the sun's glow.

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Incorporate Natural Materials

Farmhouse Dining Room

Living on the farm inevitably incorporates as many raw materials inside the house as it does outside. This dining room displays a perfect mix of wood, iron, and brass.

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Shop For Antiques

Farmhouse Dining Rooms

There's nothing more charming than pieces passed down for generations. This dining room set gives this modern space an old-world charm that only antiques could.

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Go With Spindle-Back Chairs

Farmhouse Dining Room

Dining room chairs in the modern farmhouse style typically incorporate a traditional design construction using sturdy materials like solid wood. Spindle-back chairs like the style featured in this space are a quintessential farmhouse addition. The black finish is paired with a classic iron dining room light fixture, while white shiplap is used on the walls for a touch of farmhouse perfection.

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Try A Weathered Table

Farmhouse Dining Room

This design style is often centered around the table, which can incorporate modern or rustic accents. A great place to source your farmhouse dining room table is your local thrift store or flea market. Seek out pieces that boast natural weathering, or try your hand at a DIY project that mimics a similar look.

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Strike A Modern Balance

Farmhouse Dining Room

When redesigning your space, consider striking a balance between trendy elements, like shiplap, subway tile, or floating shelves with farmhouse influences like industrial lighting and reclaimed wood.

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Load Up On Textures

Farmhouse Dining Room

Finishing touches make all the difference in any space. While farmhouse style might be at the core of this design, textural elements elevate the look to new heights. The exposed wood beams, layered table settings, long curtains, upholstered seating, and a medley of fresh blooms make this dining room blend comfort and sophistication with ease.

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Try An Achromatic Color Palette

Farmhouse Dining Room

Farmhouse décor can be approached in a variety of ways to create a totally unique look in every setting. While some may choose to do farmhouse in a rainbow of hues, this achromatic approach proves to be equally gorgeous. The black and white color palette accompanied by wooden accents proves to be chic, but it's still rustic at its core.

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Utilize Your Kitchen Space

Farmhouse Dining Room

We're big fans of a formal dining room, but this kitchen setup is what farmhouse décor dreams are made of. The white marble countertop contrasts with the industrial-inspired stools is inviting—just how the farmhouse style was designed to be. And don't even get us started on the stunning color of those cabinets.

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Try A Moody Approach

Farmhouse Dining Room

While we love the bright, airy approaches to farmhouse living, this dark and moody dining room is giving those light spaces a run for their money. The deep green color on the walls and ceilings pairs brilliantly with the rich oak dining set.

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Play With Pastels

Farmhouse Dining Room

We love how a fresh coat of paint can transform a spindle-back chair into a fresh addition to your farmhouse-inspired space. This powder blue paint is an unexpected finishing touch that ties the entire dining room together.

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Go With Mismatched Items

Farmhouse Dining Room

In your search through flea markets and thrift stores, don't get too hung up on finding items that are part of a set. This dining room is proof that mismatched items can still look cohesive in a space together.

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Embrace Exposed Beams

Farmhouse Dining Room

If you're lucky enough to have exposed beams in your dining room, give them the attention they deserve. Stain them in a dark shade or paint the ceiling white for a touch of contrast. If you don't currently have exposed beams, they're only a contractor call away.

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Play Up The Earth Tones

Farmhouse Dining Room

If ever there was an appropriate time to play up the earth tones, it's in a farmhouse setting. This gorgeous dining room is loaded with earth tones in materials from wood to twine, and concrete—and the result is nothing short of a country escape.

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Be Mindful Of Seating

Farmhouse Dining Room

Using mismatched chairs at the dining room table is a classic farmhouse move. We love how this space features two varieties of chairs that share the same blonde wood tone. It feels cohesive, but not too uniform. Pair your table and chairs with dining room wall décor that complements the modern farmhouse theme, like this simple white accent piece that allows the centerpiece to steal the show.

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Evaluate Your Lighting Situation

Farmhouse Dining Room

The dead giveaway for an inauthentic farmhouse style is likely hanging right above your table. Most homes have ceiling fans preinstalled in the dining room, but switching to a simple wrought iron fixture will make all the difference. In modern farmhouses, dining room lighting often incorporates pendant fixtures with rustic accents of varying textures—think metal or worn wood paired with warm light bulbs.

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Add a Glamorous Statement

Farmhouse Dining Room

The beauty of the farmhouse style is its eclectic undertone, as mixing textures and shapes is encouraged. This dining room chandelier hanging above the table is usually designed with luxurious seashells, but this rope version feels equally glamorous—and it looks right at home in this farmhouse-inspired space.

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Tie It Together With Textiles

Farmhouse Dining Room

We love the natural materials often found in farmhouse décor, but don't forget to offset woods, steels, and metals with textiles. The full curtains, pillows on the seats, circle-shaped rug, and overhead lighting make the space feel much more inviting.

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Don't Be Afraid To Go Small

Farmhouse Dining Room

Mile-long dining tables are gorgeous, but never underestimate what a four-person dining room set can do for your space. It creates the perfect vignette for intimate meals and doesn't have to sacrifice on style.

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Bring In The Greenery

Farmhouse Dining Room

No farmhouse space is complete without greenery or fresh fruit on the table. It gives the illusion of that farm-to-table lifestyle, even if you live in a bustling city.