20 of the Prettiest Rooms We've Seen This Year (So Far)

20 of the Prettiest Rooms We've Seen This Year (So Far)

Ashley Montgomery Design

At MyDomaine headquarters, we have the privilege of seeing the interiors of some of the most beautiful spaces from all over the country. From new modern homes on the west coast to industrial lofts filled with history on the east coast, we see it all. But no matter how many stunning properties come across our desks, each one has its own way of making our jaws drop.

In the spirit of sharing some of our favorite interior spaces, we've rounded up 20 of the prettiest rooms we've seen so far this year. Enjoy stunning living rooms, gorgeous kitchens, lavish bathrooms, remarkable dining rooms, and heavenly bedrooms from all types of homes and apartments. You'll be hard-pressed to pick just one favorite.

Keep scrolling to get inspired by the 20 prettiest spaces we've come across this year, and don't hesitate to take notes for your next redecorating spree.

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Stay Bright

Sarah Sherman Samuel

First up is this bright and cheery A-frame living room with modern furnishings. Designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, the space features two custom yellow velvet sofas, a pair of rattan chairs, and a jute rug. The mix of neutral colors with a variety of textures makes the room truly spectacular.

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Choose Your Statement Color

Emily Henderson

Interior designer Emily Henderson recently shared her redesigned living room with MyDomaine, and we've been obsessed with pewter green ever since. The 270-square-foot space appears neutral and cozy, with a fringed area rug, a white sofa, and two leather lounge chairs to complete the layout.

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Blend Modern With Contemporary

Amy Bartlam; Design: Courtney Nye

Photographed byAmy Bartlam  and designed by Courtney Nye, this living room is found in a 6.585-square-foot home located in Santa Monica. The space feels modern and fresh thanks to a three-arm ceiling lamp, a white oak coffee table, and identical pearl sconces to frame the mirror that sits above the fireplace. 

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Stay Soft With Pastels

House of Harvee

If you're a lover of pastel hues, every space by House of Harvee will catch your eye. In this living room, soft pink tones on the sofa are accented by matching roses on the light wood coffee table. In the background, sheer white material forms a curtain wall that frames the room.

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Choose the Right Rug

White Sands Design + Build

This living room by White Sands Design is the beachy, eclectic mix we've been looking for. With elements that could belong in a modern farmhouse or a coastal oasis, it finds the balance between both styles. The space is tied together by a playfully patterned rug, a rustic chandelier, and an intricately tiled fireplace that adds a touch of color without overwhelming the design's neutral hues.

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Modernize Rustic Design

Kate Osborne; Design: Studio McGee

When it comes to kitchens, no one does it better than Studio MeGee. This rustic space is found in a home in Red Ledges, Utah. Wooden features like the exposed beams in the ceilings, the wooden cabinets, and light hardwood floors make the otherwise all-white kitchen feel warm and inviting. It also utilizes a patterned runner for an extra element of texture and color.

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Go All-White

Amy Bartlam; Design: Lindsey Brooke Design

If all-white kitchens are your thing, then this pretty room belongs on your Pinterest board. Brought to life by Lindsey Brooke Design, the bright, white space was renovated for a cool $100,000. Aside from the white counters, tiles, and cabinets, the space features just the right amount of contrast from wooden bar stools and three black pendant lights.

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Warm With Wooden Elements

Jessica Kettle; Design: Studio McGee

Another gorgeous room from Studio McGee, this kitchen is practically begging you to cook in it. It's a mostly all-white space aside from a striking black door and black framed windows. Additionally, a few light wood elements found on the floor, the counter stools, and the open shelving balance out the fresh kitchen. Lastly, delicate silver pendant lights hang from the ceiling and match the refrigerator.

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Introduce Pops of Color

Mandy Cheng Design

This unique kitchen comes from a Venice townhouse designed by Mandy Cheng. Forgoing the trendy, stark white kitchen look, this space features plenty of dark wood elements and few unexpected pops of green. Fresh plants and green pendant lights provide just the right amount of color, while the rest of the space falls into a more traditional, rustic design category. We'll take it as a welcome divergence from the all-white kitchen style.

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Stick to Your Palette

Ashley Montgomery Design

In this bedroom designed by Ashley Montgomery, the color palette is everything: Neutral hues blend with soft pink accents, warm wood furniture, and floor-length gray curtains. While we love the way the wall art perfectly incorporates hues from throughout the room, we'd be lying if we said our favorite piece wasn't the rug—who wouldn't want to step out of bed onto that plush beauty each morning?

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Design a Dreamy Oasis

Katie Martinez

Interior designer Katie Martinez created this dreamy bedroom located in Mill Valley, California. Large windows let in natural light, while contemporary furnishings give the room personality. We love the blush armchair and the throw blanket with large, playful tassels.

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Go Boho

Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you're into bohemian interior design, you'll agree with us that this space is one of the prettiest rooms of the year. Although it's a small room, it's brimming with bright and cheery design elements. A white cane bed frame sits upon a plush, patterned rug. Instead of traditional flowers, a vase filled with feathered pampas grass adds texture and perfectly matches the wicker pendant light that hangs on the light pink ceiling.

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Add Space With Mirrors

Jessica Kettle; Design: Studio McGee

Brown leather chairs, a patterned rug, and a delicate chandelier come together to create this charming dining room designed by Studio McGee. Although it's a rather small space, oversized mirrors hang on the wall to make it feel much larger. The modern pendant lighting and indoor tree add just enough depth to give the space a dynamic visual interest.

When you're working with small rooms, mirrors are your friend: Opt for an oversized design to bounce light across the space and make your room feel larger than it actually is.

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Find Your Focal Point

Erin Williamson Design

It doesn't even need to be said: The chandelier in this dining room by Erin Williamson steals the show. We can't get enough of every detail in this space, from the textured curtain wall to the warm wood dining table that offsets the room's sleek design. This room is a perfect lesson in blending elegance with contemporary styles.

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Show Off Your Character

Katie Martinez

This stunning space by Katie Martinez is an eclectic, vintage, and rustic design lover's dream. Blending elements from all three styles (with a pop of modern—who could miss that chandelier?), it perfectly combines neutral tones with darker elements for a dynamic design. Natural wood ceilings complement a rustic brick fireplace, while patterned tile floors are accented by a large dining area rug.

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Style Color Through Plants

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

With a dining room like this, you'd owe it to yourself and your friends to host more than a few dinner parties. The long wooden table is surrounded by modern décor with a white mid-century accent chair, and it's situated directly beneath a contemporary pendant light. A snake plant sits in the corner to add just a pop of color to the neutral interior.

For more of an eclectic touch in a modern dining room, try mix-matching your dining chairs—either with all different styles throughout the set, or with two matching chairs at both heads of the table that stand out from the center seating.

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Be Pretty in Pink

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you think you can't be impressed by a bathroom, think again. This colorful vanity space is found in the bathroom of a home designed by Jessica Helgerson. Geometric pastel-colored shapes adorn the wall behind a modern round mirror, and a chic pink and gold stool makes the space feel even more elegant. It's an excellent place to get dolled up for a night out.

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Get Personal

Jeff Mindell; Design: Studio DIY

Minimalists, avert your eyes. This bright bathroom designed by Studio DIY is bursting with patterns and textures. Before the project was underway, the space was all-white with a dated dark wood cabinet, if you can imagine it. Now, it's an undeniably pretty room, fit for a home that's not afraid of color or personality.

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Use Patterns to Your Advantage

Katie Martinez

Another stellar space by Katie Martinez, this bathroom finds the intersection between character and elegance. Its marbled tile floors in a checkered pattern complement both light and dark elements in the rest of the room, while an oversized tub is the star of the space. Smaller accents like the black window trim and gold plumbing hardware create a focal point at the center, while a modern chandelier draws the eye up toward the ceiling.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Katie Martinez

While it's not the most colorful space we've ever seen, this gray bathroom is stunning thanks to its bold design and sleek lines. We love the rich, dark shade of paint and the way it contrasts with the gold details. However, it's the modern mirror that really catches the eye: It's a prime example of how simple pieces of décor can completely transform a space.