20 Powder Rooms That Prove How Stylish Half Bathrooms Can Be

20 Powder Rooms That Prove How Stylish Half Bathrooms Can Be

A small half-bathroom lined with two kinds of peach wallpaper

When many of us decorate our homes, we prioritize our living rooms and bedrooms— maybe our kitchens and dining rooms, too. A bathroom might make its way to the middle of the list, and a guest bedroom might sneak in there, too. Then, hidden at the very bottom of the list, lies the powder room. Powder rooms—which are more casually known as half bathrooms— are not very glamorous spaces. They’re not fun, or exciting, or particularly cozy—or at least, we don’t tend to think of them that way. 

The thing is, though, powder rooms actually can be really fun. Since they’re tucked away—only to be accessed by guests at parties—you can take risks you wouldn’t feel comfortable taking in more notable rooms in your home. Plus, since powder rooms tend to be pretty small, even a single statement-making accent can make a big impact. 

Given this, your powder room probably deserves to jump to the top of your list. (OK, maybe not the top—but pretty close to it.) And if it does, rest assured knowing there are tons of awesome powder room decor ideas out there that are just waiting to help you craft a half bathroom masterpiece of your own.

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Invest in a Really Fun Mirror

A powder room with a fun mirror and textured wallpaper

The focal point of any powder room is the mirror.  So don’t be afraid to have some fun with yours. Pick a sleek option and mount it in a bold frame—or opt for a piece that’s a little bit funkier. As long as your mirror is functional, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

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Give a Wall-Mount Sink a Try

A powder room with a wide wall-mount sink

Wall-mount sinks are fun, eye-catching, and perfect for powder rooms. In your primary bathroom, you probably want some under-the-sink storage. But in a powder room, you don’t need it. So consider investing in a wall-mount sink—it will instantly make your space feel more special. 

The term “Primary Bathroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bathroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. 

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Commit to a Palette You Love

A small half-bathroom lined with two kinds of peach wallpaper

Powder rooms are pretty small, and they only require a few pieces of decor. So pulling off a monochromatic palette is incredibly easy. Simply choose a color family you love, and cover your walls in it. Make sure your sink matches your wall—and that your floor matches both of them. And you should be good to go.

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Use Plants to Make Your Space Feel Cozier

An all-white bathroom with a plant on the wall

Bathrooms don’t tend to be cozy spaces. But with a couple plants, you can change that. Hang a plant from your ceiling, place one on your sink, or go the boldest route possible and mount one on your wall.

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Go All In on Unique Wallpaper

A powder room with bold pineapple print wallpaper lining the walls

Statement-making wallpaper can look dizzying in a large space. But in a smaller one—like a powder room—it won’t overwhelm at all. Opt for a bolder print than you’d usually pick, and don’t shy away from vibrant colors, either.

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Put in Thought from Floor to Ceiling

A powder room featuring two kinds of tile and a bold mirror

Powder rooms are small, meaning you can put immense thought into every piece of decor without wearing yourself out. Pay attention to your sink, your mirror, your walls, your floors—even your faucet. When you put effort into every little detail, you’re bound to end up with a stunning space.

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Don’t Shy Away from Dark Colors

A powder room with dark navy walls

Dark colors can make a room feel smaller. But they can also make a room feel cozier, sleeker, and more sophisticated. And since you’re not really optimizing for visual space in your powder room, you can embrace dark colors without experiencing much of the downside.

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Take Bolder Risks Than You Might Elsewhere

A powder room with vibrant yellow walls and bold fixtures

Since powder rooms are small and tucked away, they’re perfect spaces for taking decor risks. So experiment with the weirdest, wildest ideas you can think of. Dreaming of bright yellow walls, graphic art, and mod lighting fixtures? Go for it.

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Cozy Up Your Space with a Rug

A powder room with textured pink walls and a light brown printed rug

Full bathrooms get bath mats. But half bathrooms? They tend to get stuck with bare floors. Change up this pattern by adding a rug to your space. Even a small one can leave your powder room feeling cozier.

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Flank Your Mirror with Lights

A large powder room with dark green wallpaper

If you’ve got room to spare, consider mounting lights on both sides of your mirror. This will instantly transform your powder room into a luxe space—one that feels like it belongs in a fancy restaurant or a ritzy hotel.

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Experiment with Unique Accent Pieces

A powder room with a decorative ladder in it

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: A powder room is a great place to get a little weird, decor-wise. And if you don't want to commit to a full-blown renovation— or even a coat of paint—you can use accent pieces to shake things up. A rustic ladder can become a hand towel rack. And a stump can become, well, a purely decorative accent.

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Use a Double Sink to Fill Extra Space

A powder room with two sinks in it

Powder rooms tend to be pretty small. But if yours isn’t, you can always use a double sink to fill your space. Odds are, you won’t get two people using your sinks at the same time. But hey—if you ever do, you’ll be prepared.

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Put Your Statement-Makers on Display

A powder room with black and white wallpaper in it

Have you ever stumbled upon a statement-making find—only to draw a total blank when trying to decorate with it? Your powder room is here to save the day. The space can quickly become a museum of all your most striking wares. Think: graphic wallpaper, unique vases, antique fixtures, and more.

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Add a Chandelier

A powder room with a woven chandelier in it

A chandelier can make a statement in any space—even your bathroom. Dangle a dainty fixture next to your mirror, or hang one in the center of your space. As long as it helps people see their reflections more clearly—and doesn’t block their view—you should be good to go.

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Keep Things Simple with Solid-Colored Walls

A half-bathroom with dark green walls

There’s been a lot of talk about covering your powder room in printed wallpaper. But solid-colored walls can make an equally striking statement—especially if they’re painted a stunning color. Opt for a shade that will put a smile on your face every time you see it. And remember, since this is a powder room we’re dealing with, dark colors are not off-limits.

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Spare Space for Bold Accent Pieces

A powder room with decorative branches in it
Since powder rooms are part-time spaces, you don’t need a ton of storage. So instead of maximizing every inch of space, you can have a little fun and embrace larger, bolder accent pieces. Why not spare a spot on your counter for a ceramic vase full of branches—or for a similarly pretty piece of decor?
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Don’t Skimp on Lighting Fixtures

A half-bathroom lined with bold wallpaper

It’s easy to stick with the lighting you’ve got. But by changing up your fixtures—and opting for seriously statement-making pieces—you can leave your powder room feeling really special. As always, don’t be afraid to take a bit of a risk. If you feel drawn to an asymmetrical lighting fixture, go for it. (As long as it’s functional, it’s almost definitely worth the buy.)

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Paint Your Bathroom Door

A powder room with a pink door

Many of us talk about painting our bathroom walls, but we almost never talk about painting our bathroom doors. And the thing is, a vibrant bathroom door can be a great way to signal that something statement-making lies ahead. Cover your door in a dark green, a light pink, or a crisp blue. The door will intrigue anyone who sees it, making them wonder what’s lying behind it.

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Embrace Two-Tone Walls

A half-bathroom with two-toned walls

Two-tone walls can be a commitment when you’re dealing with a larger space. But a powder room’s small size makes the decor choice easier to pull off. Pair different colors, prints, or textures—or mix-and-match to create a combination you love. Even if you stick with a subtle palette, you’re sure to end up with something statement-making.

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Keep Your Counters Stocked with Cozy Amenities

A bathroom with black and white wallpaper

Finish off your powder room with a few cozy touches. Plush towels and scented soaps go a long way—so do plants, candles, and other decorative accents. And you can never go wrong with a woven basket for your guests to discard used towels in.