25 Kids' Bedroom Ideas So Cool, You'll Wish They Were Yours

25 Kids' Bedroom Ideas So Cool, You'll Wish They Were Yours

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We're all guilty of favoring our grown-up spaces and avoiding the kids' areas when we can. These spaces tend to be a bit less stylish and often more cluttered than we'd like. But believe it or not, children have a design style, too. They might have a more difficult time pinpointing it, there's nothing like an eye-catching wallpaper or colorful duvet to get them excited to keep their room clean.

Ahead, 25 kid's bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire a design project that both you and your little ones will love for years to come. 

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Give It an Edge

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Just because you're designing a room for a kid doesn't mean it has to look childish. This pre-teen room boasts an edge with a variety of patterns, a neutral color palette, natural fibers, and a graphic poster.

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Make It Interactive

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Designing a kids' room is all about finding ways to spark creativity and learning. This room is loaded with ways for children to engage, but doesn't look cluttered or too kiddish. Installing Lego walls, chalkboard, and cork walls, inspire endless play.

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Create Zones

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If space allows, create various nooks with different activities in each one. A bedroom that has a place to sleep, another to play, and an area to learn and work will ensure your kids never get bored in their space.

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Don't Shy Away From Dark Colors

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While most bedrooms boast fun, bright color palettes, this darker-toned room feels sophisticated without being too grown-up. Items like the bedside dinosaur sculpture, bear pattern comforter, and hanging book rack make it feel age-appropriate.

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Fake a Mural

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Oversized art is the coolest way to dress walls in kids' bedrooms, but murals tend to require a certain level of artistic ability and framed art can be expensive. Instead, consider faking it with a peel-and-stick mural wallpaper and frame it with molding. This gives you the illusion of large art without the high price tag.

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Give It a Secret Hideout

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What we wouldn't give to have a room with a secret hideout when we were kids—this tiny reading nook with an adorable door is surely the coolest room on the block.

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Build an Indoor Tree House

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This woodsy escape is so cool, we'd be willing to trade our grown-up digs for this kids' bedroom. The tree-house style bed, complete with a step up looks even cooler with a tree-patterned wallpaper in the background.

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Play With Prints

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The right pattern can make or break any room, and this cheery bird and cloud print is perfect for brightening up this minimal space. A matching pattern on the bed and the ceiling is a cool touch and keeps your eye dancing around from top to bottom.

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Try an Industrial Vibe

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The best part about kids' rooms is you have plenty of opportunities to get creative and think outside the box. This industrial pipe bed is sure to be a kid's dream come true.

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Make It Mess-Proof

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Whether it's a bedroom, playroom (or really, any other room of the house), kid-inhabited spaces tend to get dirty. Babies and pre-teens alike are prone to spills, but that doesn't mean you're doomed to live with stains on your stuff. A machine-washable rug, like this 100% organic cotton nursery rug by Nestig, adds style to any space, without the worry of getting it dirty.

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Go for Vintage Charm

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We love a sports-themed bedroom, but while most show off a modern take, this vintage-inspired space is beautiful as it is fun. From the leather details (reminiscent of a football) to the vintage colosseum photo, this bedroom screams sports, while boasting a unique look.

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Make Room for Homework

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If you're having a hard time getting your kids to do their homework, we're sure a super cool space in the bedroom to concentrate will make a world of difference. This learning nook with a chalkboard wall and is just the space your little ones need to get to work.

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Infuse Color in Doses

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Kids' rooms are the perfect place to infuse all colors of the rainbow, but sensory overload can do more harm than good. Instead, start with a clean white canvas and incorporate colors in small doses throughout the room. It's not overwhelming to little brains and looks stylish in your grown-up home to boot.

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Stock Up On Storage

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Kids of all ages have a way of accumulating stuff, so it's best to prepare with plenty of storage solutions. This room incorporates drawers, shelves, cabinets, and desk areas in a way that looks interesting in this bedroom. It works wonders at storing stuffed, animals, toys, and books.

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Install a Hanging Chair

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Who didn't want a hanging chair in their room growing up? This clear, hanging bubble chair is proof that this kids' room staple will never go out of style.

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Try the Rattan Trend

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Home Decor trends aren't specific to grown-up areas. This baby nursery with rattan shelves and an overhead pendant light is proof that trends can be incorporated into kids' spaces as well.

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Build the Ultimate Fort

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Forts are the coolest addition to any kids' space, and we love how this one is stationary, unlike the ones we used to build out of couch cushions and bed sheets. Plus, this one is much cuter, to boot.

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Break Out the Wallpaper

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While other rooms can get away with solid colored walls, a kids' room is the perfect place to incorporate wallpaper. They come in all colors, prints and patterns and go with any décor style. And the best part is you can find them in renter-friendly peel-and-stick versions too.

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Make It Transitional

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Kids grow so fast and their interests change from day to day. A transitional design will grow with your child and their interests. Create a similar look with neutral colors, swappable posters and sprinkle in their current interests like age-appropriate books and plush toys.

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Find Fun Furniture Alternatives

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A regular dresser and wardrobe may suffice for your room, but kids' rooms deserve a much cooler alternative. These colorful metal lockers by Mustard Made have a nostalgic feel for you and make organizing so much more fun for your little ones.

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Make It Feel Special

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Kids have a way of mimicking our day-to-day actions and activities—make it easy for them to do so with mini furniture that boast a grown-up feel. This tiny bistro table will make for the perfect place to enjoy tea parties for years to come.

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Create Cozy Nooks

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Whether it's for reading, nap time, or cuddle sessions, cozy corner nooks are the perfect kids' hangout. An overhead canopy and a few pillows is all you need to set the scene of what is sure to be your child's new favorite area.

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Invite Worldly Influences

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Although this is a kids' space, this room is packed with sophisticated worldly influences. From the Moroccan rug to the floral wallpaper pattern, and the furniture shapes to wicker accents, this room would impress even the most seasoned world traveler.

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Consider the Details

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Creating the perfect kids' space is all about the details. Even something as simple as a hook can make or break the overall look and feel of the room. These airplane hooks are a perfect addition to an aviation-themed room.

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Make It Glam

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Trust us, regardless of their young age, kids can also appreciate the finer things in life. Create a glam room, like this one, for children of all ages with a taste for pretty and feminine décor by incorporating shades of pink, and fancier accents, like an oversized pendant and a padded headboard.