27 Over the Bed Decorating Ideas That Work for Any Style

27 Over the Bed Decorating Ideas That Work for Any Style

A modern bedroom with black and white wall art

Clueless on what to do with that teeny space above your bed? Should you go bold or neutral? Flat or spiky? Pattern or plain? It depends. Decoration your bedroom starts with setting a focal point. For most bedrooms, your bed is your focal point (and what you put over is just the icing on the cake).

Focal points matter. Without them, a space can feel disjointed and scattered. Even though there aren’t any hard and fast rules on decorating over your bed, it’s always a good idea to pick décor in line with your bedroom theme— and attach it securely, of course.

But the good news is that there are an infinite number of over the bed wall art ideas you can pick from (no matter your style or color palette).

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Display Portrait Art

Brexton Cole Interiors


Whether it's a portrait of you, someone you love, or a complete stranger, placing a striking face above your head is a distinct décor choice. And regardless of whether or not this style resonates with you, it's definitely a conversation starter.

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Add Soft Textiles

Casa Watkins Living


Window or not, hanging curtains behind your bed adds just enough interest without being too over the top. Plus, curtains provide a soft backdrop to your bed, giving your entire space a soothing feel. To achieve a look that’s easy on the eyes (as shown in this bedroom), pick a neutral hue that blends with the rest of your color palette.

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Install a Multi-Colored Art Panel

Alvin Wayne


Add inspiration to your space with eye-catching art. We especially love how this blooming art panel evokes a sense of movement and cheer in this bedroom (thanks to its vibrant splatters with seemingly every color on the color wheel).

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Go Bold With Wallpaper

Reena Sotropa

There’s no doubt—wallpaper can make any space stylish. The best part: once you’ve wallpapered the area behind your bed, you’ve eliminated the need for anything else. And with peel-and-stick options, you can DIY this piece of décor every time you grow tired of it. We appreciate the wallpaper above—its whimsical lines lend this bedroom a modern tone that’s still playful.

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Double Up on Wallpaper and Art

Doris Roberts Interiors

If wallpaper isn’t enough, add a piece of art that spans the height and width of your over the bed space. Before you commit to anything, be sure to scout a piece of art that complements your wallpaper (or vice versa) so they make a chic design pair.

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DIY an Epic Mural

Anne Sage


For a show-stopping look, style your space with a custom mural. Whether you bring in a space theme, a backdrop of trees, or pink flamingos is completely up to you. This trick is guaranteed to draw the eye upwards, which is ideal for small spaces that could benefit from the illusion of a little extra height. And if your artistic ability starts and stops at stick figures, use decals and peel-and-stick mural options instead.

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Mimic the Width of Your Bed

 Gail Davis Designs


The general rule of thumb for placing artwork over your bed: pick a piece that’s about two-thirds the width of your bed. This creates the perfect scale. But, for a dynamic focal point, you can also pick a piece of art that spans the full width of your bed. We love this modern piece of artwork etched in a black matte.

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Add Woven Hangings

Arbor & Co.


If boho-style design interiors inspire you, try a shaggy handwoven tapestry to layer in some texture into your space. For this space, this wall hanging is woven in neutral shades of camel and black—a two-toned look that will pair well with most wall colors. Plus, it's an easy way to warm up and elevate your bedroom.

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Install Double-Raised Paneled Walls

Blakely Interior Design


Double-raised paneled walls are timeless; a style that will never tire. For a subtle look, paint your wall in a neutral shade or match it to your white trim. For something more daring, paint it in a dark or bright hue.

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Design a Bed-to-Ceiling Wooden Headboard

Ashley Webb Interiors


Why not have a custom wooden headboard that doubles as a work of art? If you’re handy, this may be a great DIY project to tackle. Bonus points: it will certainly add interest to any stark white wall.

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Use a Brick Wall and Mirror Combo

Becca Interiors


If you don’t have brick architecture build in, you can always apply realistic faux brick veneers or 3D brick wallpaper that looks (and feels) just like the real thing. This brick wall naturally acts as a piece of art. Topping it off with a pretty mirror adds a nice glow too.

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Add a Wood Trim

Britt Design Studio

For a decidedly more subtle statement, install a horizontal trim over your bed. It’s a simple way to add something overhead that will go with just about anything you throw its way. Think: paint changes, patterned sheets, or bright paint colors.

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Focus on Nature

Black and Blooms

For a zen over the bed wall art idea, weave in a little piece of nature. Lack a green thumb? This is your time to shine. Just use a photo or print of nature and pop it in a pretty frame. For a “gallery-like” look, choose a frame with an oversized matte. Or, collect and dry your own blooms and frame them instead. You can also buy pre-made naturally dried botanicals and display them in a stunning case.

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Leave It to Your Headboard

JLA Designs

Your headboard can moonlight as wall décor too. To get the look just right (and add some drama to your space), look for headboard on a regal scale. These tall iterations come in every look, from pleated, tufted, and plain to curved styles and shapes. For the ultimate height, aim for headboards that peak at 75 inches tall (or more). Taller headboards can look gorgeous in large rooms (especially those with high ceilings). For smaller rooms, it may be best to stick to shorter styles to create more visual space. Average headboards fall at about 59 inches.

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Add a Landscape

Chelius House of Design

This skinny rectangular piece of art showcases a black and white sketch of a landscape. Landscape art can run the gamut from two-toned sketches to photorealistic images to abstract iterations.

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Create a Custom Woodwork Design

Twelve 15 Design Studio

For a creative way to purge your space of boredom, install custom woodwork over your bed. This design reminds us of paint drips or digital sound waves cut in half. How about you? Let your imagination run free.

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Buy a Poster Bed Instead

Gray Space Interiors

Poster or canopy beds add enough interest and depth to your bed area, eliminating the need to put a piece of décor above. For this bedroom, you'll notice how the bed’s back end forms a crisp line straight across.

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Hang a Rattan Bowl or Basket

A classic bedroom with a decorative basket above the bed

Rattan is a naturally growing vine. But there are also seagrass, cotton, and jute woven baskets you can hang right above your bed. This is an easy (and cheap) way to decorate your dream bedroom. Plus, it's eco-friendly.

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Paint a Large Canvas

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Sleek, abstract canvas art is a surefire way to add substance to your space. On the fence about dealing with a pricey art tag? Paint your own free-form piece instead.

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Spotlight a Sculpture

Yael Weiss Interiors

If you’re ready to plunge into a unique design territory—try adding sculptures over your bed. It's an artful decorating idea and a great place to think outside of the box.

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Hang Branches

Forbes Masters

This natural grape wood branch makes a striking piece of art over this pleated Chanel-style velvet bed. If you like this look, but want a slightly different variation, search for driftwood panels or tree branch art pieces. With dozens of options out there, something's bound to catch your eye.

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Create a Gallery

Hannah Tyler Designs

Seize the opportunity to use every vertical inch of your over the bed space with a gallery wall. With this over the bed wall art idea, you'll not only add another layer to your bedroom design but get a chance to dress up your space with memories. Plus, you don’t need to stick to framed art. Try displaying your collectibles here too for a cool, eclectic feel.

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Add Bold Curtains

If Walls Could Talk

Curtains make this list twice—only this time, it’s all about color. Here, these curtains feel and look like a large-scale piece of art (or accent wall). We don’t mind its function too. The thicker the curtain, the more light blocked for a restful slumber.

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Buy a Mirror

A bedroom with framed prints and mirrors

This brass ornate mirror doubles as a piece of art. You can also take out the mirror and display the frame itself (as shown in this space). Plus, mirrors come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors, so it’s an easy way to add a pop of beauty to your bedroom.

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Use Crystals

JK Interior Living


Deck out your walls with a standout framed agate crystal set. Pick crystals that complement your bedroom's color palette.

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Add a Personal Photo

Katie Hodges Design

It’s never a bad design decision to add art with a personal touch. Whether it’s an iPhone photo or a professionally photographed snapshot, pick a photo that means something to you. We love this beach framed black and white photo displaying soothing waves.

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Go Bare With a Painted Accent Wall

Afro Bohemian Living

If all else fails, you can always choose to have a bare wall in a hue that complements the rest of your bedroom design. Your wall itself becomes a full-size piece of art (without the extra stuff).