30 Dark Bedroom Ideas for a Moody and Dramatic Space

30 Dark Bedroom Ideas for a Moody and Dramatic Space

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Good decorating is often about creating drama in a space—but lately, we've been noticing an uptick in moody, midnight-dark bedrooms that take the decadent vibe to a whole other level. Some folks may prefer waking up in bright and cheery lemon-yellow rooms to kickstart their energy in the AM, but if you ask us, starting your day in a dark space is a small price to pay for getting to curl up in your own personal glamour cave every night. (We can't be the only ones who like to feel like enigmatic Victorian recluses every once in a while, right?)

And while the dark bedroom trend might seem over-the-top or polarizing at first, it's actually surprisingly easy to achieve—even if glam-goth isn't your vibe. The main ingredient? A budget-friendly can of paint (or two) in this season's most dreamy blues, purples, dark greys, or—yes—blacks. From there, you can see where the mood takes you—whether you balance out the scene-stealing hue with lofty white linens, go for an all-dark vibe to match, or embrace your maximalist side with plenty of print, pattern, and color to poke fun at the inherent drama of such an attention-demanding hue. Contrary to what you might think, there's no need to be overly serious when picking one of these dramatic shades.

Read on to see how different designers and homeowners are channeling their dark side to fit their personalities—be it boho, whimsical, or modern macabre.

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Blend Moody With Modern

dark bedrooms

This dreamy bedroom checks two trends off in one. The rich, decadent wall color is offset (and modernized) by of-the-moment cane accents in the form of this bedframe, while retro-print textiles add a playful pop of pattern.

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Go Gray

dark bedroom

Proof positive that achieving a moody and mysterious bedroom look doesn't *always* mean painting your walls a super dark hue. This grey bedroom from The house That Black Built is surprisingly light for the titular house...but it's still heavy on dramatic vibes, thanks to black and white zigzag textiles, overstuffed charcoal pillows, and black and gold metal accents.

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Try an Accent Wall

dark bedrooms

Not ready to commit to a whole deep-dive on murky blues? Try out the trend on an accent wall like this space—you'll get the dreamy, dark effect without zapping all the light from your space. If you change your mind, it's all the easier to repaint—without spending half your budget on primer.

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Go Total Blackout

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Back in black. Light wood flooring, high-shine reflective metals, and tons of texture keep this black-painted bedroom from feeling cave-like. Instead, a textile wall hanging helps the space feel light and just a bit bohemian.

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Take It Rustic

dark bedrooms

Bet you thought dark bedrooms had to be ultra-glam, right? Not necessarily. This cool, camp-inspired bunk room has us falling head-over-heels in love with the rustic-meets-contemporary look. Eclectic textiles, graphic prints, and of course that iconic rock wall add tons of depth to this grey-blue room.

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Paint Floors Dark

dark bedrooms

Look where you're walking—a dark painted floor lends a subtly Scandi vibe to this space (and is a clever alternative to painting the walls, when most of the walls are taken up by windows anyway). Deep indigo bedding echoes the darkness of the floorboards.

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Add Blush

dark bedrooms

This romantic space proves that dark bedrooms can still be playful and whimsical. The light blush bedding adds a refreshing break to the sea of dark walls.

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Give It Old Hollywood Vibes

dark bedrooms

We're already dreaming of waking up in this feminine, fierce bedroom by Grey Hunt interiors. The dark walls add just the right amount of drama to touches of leopard print and pink, creating a space befitting a starlet.

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Blend Textures

dark bedrooms

Dark walls ground this masculine yet luxe room, helping all the rich textures stand out even more—from leather to plush fur to the sleek antlers overhead. We love how this designer managed to marry soft with hard to create a custom look that just works.

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Add Greenery

dark bedrooms

Who knew leafy greens looked so good against dark walls? This jungle-y bedroom is glamorous to the max, with its palm prints and big cat energy...but it's also a little whimsical and fun to balance things out.

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dark bedrooms

Another clever way to get the on-trend dark bedroom look without going overboard—Sonia from Zus Interieur created faux "paneling" in the form of colorblocking her bedroom. The effect is moody and just a bit modern art-inspired (in the best way).

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Play With Pattern

dark bedrooms

This dark, dramatic wallpaper might've been overwhelming on all four walls—but as an accent wall highlighting the rich blue bedframe, it's pure perfection.

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Create a Jungle Theme

dark bedrooms

Sensing a theme? We're kind of obsessed with pairing leopard print (especially this quirky oversized version) with dark bedroom walls. The mix of textures in the bedding really stands out against the luxe dark backdrop, too.

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Go Dark in the Nursery

dark bedroom

Dark bedrooms for a baby? Believe it. While you might think of pastel pink and blue first when it comes to decorating for little ones, black, navy, and dark grey nurseries have actually been a growing trend in recent years. And this ultra-graphic take shows why—it's fun, sleek, and unexpected at the same time.

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Glam It Up

dark bedroom

Is this wallpaper the most glamorous thing ever, or what? The gold chain motif is just dripping in old-school luxury, while bright white linens keep things feeling au courant.

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Go Boho

dark bedrooms

We love a free-spirited, boho take on this trend. This colorblocked space makes use of chair rail to lend a polished—but ultra-easy-to-achieve—look to the room. Gold accents, soft textiles, and a few eclectic accessories complete the effect. This might be the most laid-back take on dark bedrooms we've seen—even factoring in the stellar canopy bed

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Paint One Section

bedroom with black headboard - best bedroom ideas

You don't even need to create an accent wall. Instead, take a cue from this bedroom and paint just the area of your wall above your bed. It creates the illusion of extending your headboard and adds a dramatic effect.

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Add Textured Wallpaper

cozy bedroom

Adding grasscloth, velvet, or linen wallpaper in a dark color creates a cocoon effect. This bedroom feels plenty cozy thanks to the soothing, textured wallpaper and soft, dark bed linens.

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Add Color

maximalist bedroom with color and texture

Liven up a dark, moody bedroom with a few strategic pops of color. From the accent pillows to the sheets, this bedroom feels just a bit brighter thanks to yellow, pink, and red hues. The dark wallpaper, headboard, duvet, and chair keep it feeling plenty moody.

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Choose Dark Furniture

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If you prefer your walls white, you can still achieve a dark and dramatic effect. Make sure to choose dark and heavy furniture, like the black bed in this bedroom. Combined with a dark rug, your room will feel anything but light and bright.

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Add Window Treatments

bedroom with dark walls and layered colors

We love how the light window treatments in this bedroom contrast the dark wall color. Though the room is small and the walls are black, it keeps the space feeling much more open.

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Go Romantic

cozy bedroom ideas

This dark bedroom feels plenty romantic thanks to the bird and foliage-filled wallpaper and old-world headboard. Lighter linens keep the space from feeling too dark.

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Paint Half the Wall

best bedroom ideas - textured headboard

This bedroom is proof you don't need paneling to create a stunning half wall. Simply paint half your wall a dark, bold color (we love this shade of blue) to create a moody effect without darkening your space too much (this is key in rooms without a lot of natural light).

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Mix Colors

cozy bedroom ideas

You don't have to commit to one dark hue. Instead, take a cue from this serene bedroom and opt to mix two bold colors, like green and black. The green wall adds an earthy element, while the black velvet headboard glams it up.

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Embrace Architecture

best bedroom ideas - bedroom with green walls and mirror

Highlight gorgeous architectural detailings like molding and paneling with a bold coat of paint. These wood-paneled walls stand out more thanks to the deep blue hue, while the molding on the ceiling pops in white.

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Add a Tapestry

cozy bedroom ideas

Create all the cozy vibes with a textured tapestry. The lighter hue in this one helps lighten up the dark room. Bonus: Because they're so large, they cover a large surface area and eliminate the need for multiple pieces of art.

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Try Taupe

best bedroom ideas - striped duvet and blanket

Want your bedroom to feel plenty dark and moody, but fear dark colors adorning your walls? Enter taupe. The hue can add some drama to your space, without making you feel like you're sleeping in a cave. Dark artwork and furniture complete the vibe.

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Contrast With Metals

All gray luxe bedroom

To really glam up your dark bedroom, add contrast with gold or bass accents. The light fixture in this room pops against the black wall. Fur accents make it feel even more luxe.

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Add Jewel Tones

Black walled bedroom

You know what goes great with black? Jewel tones. This room feels dark, brooding, and dramatic in all the best ways, and the emerald headboard and the citrine bench give it just the pop of color it needs without brightening it up.

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Match Window Treatments to Walls

Sleek and chic black and gray bedroom with stone-look wall texture

If you want to create a head-to-toe dark and moody bedroom, make sure to consider your window treatments. This bedroom paired black walls with black Roman shades for a streamlined effect. The result? Dramatic decadence.