30 Glam Bedroom Ideas for a Luxurious Oasis

30 Glam Bedroom Ideas for a Luxurious Oasis

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There are so many ways to decorate a bedroom. From modern and contemporary to classic and cozy, there’s a style to meet every design aesthetic, budget, and size. But for those who love a flair for the dramatic, a glam bedroom is your ticket to a luxurious, upscale retreat. 

Glam bedrooms are defined by an element of sophistication. Think mirrored accents, plush tufted headboards, fluffy rugs, and silky sheets that give your room a hotel-like feel. There’s no shortage of glitz here, just the right amount of extra. If you’re looking to add some glamour to your bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. We curated 30 inspirational glam bedroom ideas—plus tips from interior design experts—to provide your room with maximum sophistication and ambiance.

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Hang a Stunning Chandelier

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Make a statement in your bedroom with glamorous lighting. Look for floor lamps that give off strong illumination with slim bases as well as glamorous, glittering chandeliers that take center stage. According to Chris Alexakis, an interior designer and co-founder of Cabinet Select, these can be hanging from the ceiling or even stand alone on a table if you prefer to conserve space.

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Add Vintage Molding

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Something about a room with thoughtful, intricate molding makes it feel expensive. Get the European look by adding floor-to-ceiling molding to one or all of the walls in your bedroom.

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Layer In Tons of Texture

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"From wallpaper with metallics to high pile carpets, it's most important to be daring with layering fabrics and finishes," says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer at Decorilla, on how to create a glam bedroom. Here, plush, tactile fabrics like velvet and shag provide layers of texture that feel inviting yet beautifully upscale.

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Choose Velvet Bedding

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If there's one fabric in particular that screams "glam," it's velvet. So why not add some allure to your bedspread by opting for the soft, smooth, and subtly shiny material? For added drama, pick a duvet and matching shams in a luscious jewel tone.

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Use Mirrors

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Mirrors can reflect light and make the room brighter, so they come in handy for creating an illusion of a bigger space. Plus, they happen to be ultra-glam. Whether you choose to hang mirrors above your bedside tables (and allow them to act as pseudo windows) or bring in an oversized, full-length mirror to lean against the wall, you can never have too many reflective surfaces in a glam bedroom.

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Don't Be Afraid of Animal Print

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Yes, you can tastefully decorate with animal print and if there's one place to try it, it's in a glamorous bedroom. Choose a bold, graphic print or something more muted and subtle—either way, the recognizable pattern will instantly add excitement and refinement to the room.

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Make it Monochrome

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For the most luxe look, Shaffer suggests remaining committed to a neutral color palette to keep things serene. Some examples of this are layering beiges and grays that share a similar warm or cool undertone and color family.  

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Pull in Different Patterns

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Thoughtfully playing with patterns is another way to add a bit of glamour to your bedroom. You can do this with your bedding, wall coverings, rug, and more. Amber Dunford, style director at Overstock.com, says, “Give your glam bedroom luxe appeal with faux fur throws draped over sofas, chairs, and beds. Soft and luxurious, faux fur plays on tactile senses to encourage relaxation and inspire comfort.”

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Frame Your Bed

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"Mirrored nightstands, dressers, and accents create a multi-layered look that’s both chic and sophisticated,” says Dunford. Try framing your bed with large mirrored accents to make the space feel bigger.

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Create an Accent Wall

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An ornate accent wallpaper provides dimension and creates a major focal point. Here, designer Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions tells us, "The ivory and gray color palette in this bedroom just exudes understated glamour. It allows the bedroom to remain clean and simple, but small details like the texture on the wallpaper and the gold hardware accents throughout add extra depth to the room that helps it stand out." 

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Make Your Headboard the Focal Point

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Double the height of your headboard to really make it take up space and give your room a true five-star hotel feel. You can't get much more traditionally glam than a velvet tufted version like this one, complete with classic nailhead trim. Keep the bedding simple so as to not overwhelm the eye.

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Find a Cohesive Palette

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If you want your bedroom to look expensive, stick to a cohesive palette. This adds an understated elegance to the room, especially if you choose more subtle colors. Here, varying tones of gray let the sapphire accents and gold touches stand out.

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Paint the Ceiling

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A painted ceiling is a simple way to add depth and dimension to your space, while also making it feel romantic and enchanting. For a glam look, select a color that feels rich, like a soft purple or emerald green. Then hang a chandelier in the center and watch it sparkle.

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Bring in Silver Accents

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Even the simplest metallic accent looks extravagant and expensive, as proven by the silver legs on this bedroom bench. Per Dunford, "Decorative accents in gold or silver add a rich, opulent touch to the design. Warm, yellow gold is the perfect contrast to neutral furniture, while bright silver highlights the room with a subtle luster. Add some throw pillows with gold or silver accents to the bed to set the mood for your glam look.”

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Embrace Lacquer

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Shiny lacquer finishes are elevated by nature. They feel rich and elegant, especially in darker woods like mahogany. In a glam bedroom, embrace lacquer on walls, floors, and cabinets.

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Go for a Grand Bed

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A glam bedroom calls for a King-sized bed that's grand enough to center the room. Pick a four-poster or one with unique detailing to set it apart from the rest of the space, then select high-quality black or white bedding to get a real high-fashion look.

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Add a Throw Blanket

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Something as simple as a throw blanket can add a glam touch to your existing space. Consider one in an eye-catching jewel tone to break up an otherwise neutral color scheme.

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Get Creative

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Glam touches don't always need to be obvious. Find creative ways to bring in the glamour with oversized furniture, textured wall treatments, and artistic lighting to pull together the ambiance and solidify the vibe.

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Make the Most of Your Seating Area

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Large bedrooms are perfect for pulling off the glamorous aesthetic, and if you're lucky enough to have a seating area in your room, the extra space allows for pulling in those unexpected touches. Whether it's a tufted ottoman, cool metallic pillows, or a glitzy, detailed chair, use this space wisely to add prestige to your bedroom.

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Find Fluffy Pillows

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Kick up the glam effect with feathery, fluffy pillows that don't skimp on tactile texture. Bonus points if they're in a rich, saturated hue like this royal blue pair.

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Pick Rich Colors and Textures

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One of the easiest ways to impart glamour in a space is with colors and textures that feel high-end. They don't have to be expensive to look expensive, either. Take your existing bed and add a combination of solid square shams, patterned pillows, and a velvet body pillow to instantly elevate it. Then, match your bedside accessories to the colors chosen to bring it all together.

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Select Satin

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Satin fabric has that shiny, light-reflective finish that is undeniably glamorous. Lean into the look with a satin headboard, satin bedding, and matching metallic nightstands with a stain sheen. The result is a bedroom that's fit for royalty.

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Try Out a Four-Poster Bed

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Four-poster beds are cool and vintage. They can look really dignified in a bedroom. Here, Lacy Hughes of Julian Design says she worked with the unique vaulted ceiling of the room to let the bed and accessories draw the eye. According to her, "The vaulted ceiling in this bedroom adds all the drama! It opens up the room and makes it feel expansive and open, which allows beautifully for the glamorous elements like crystal chandeliers. velvet tufted furniture and a four-poster bed take center stage." 

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Invest In Matching Metallic Nightstands

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Any bedroom can be made to feel like a resort as long as there is symmetry, which is why the key to a glam bedroom is investing in matching nightstands. Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors tells us that in this space, the muted blue-gray coupled with the tufted upholstered headboard and sleek light fixture creates a serene yet elegant environment, and the silver and gold nightstands ground the bed placement with a glam touch.

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Upgrade Your Bedside Lighting

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Swap out your boring bedside table lamps for mini glittering chandeliers on either side of the bed frame. Not only does this conserve your precious nightstand space, but it's a classy way to make the room feel a little more luxe. And don't forget the flowers. Marco Bizzley, Certified Interior Designer tells, "You can simply add a vase with artificial roses, sunflowers, or whichever ones you prefer, to bring some instant (and inexpensive) glam to your bedroom.

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Keep It Calm

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Glamorous style can be understated, too. Try out a textured fabric wall covering in a neutral shade and keep the rest of the color palette muted for a look that feels expensive. We love the way the light fixture adds a pop of color to this calming space.

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Look for Luxe Metallic Finishes

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We have a secret for you: it's okay to mix metals when decorating. Glam style is defined by the use of luxe metal finishes, so if you really want to go all out, try multiple colors together. Here, silver nightstands and bedside table lamps compliment the gold mirror and chandelier. Crystal accents to really make the room sparkle.

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Bring in Lots of Jewel Tones

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Vibrant yet sumptuous, jewel tones impart an unmatched richness to a space. Complete your glam bedroom by layering in jewel tones (such as sapphire, amethyst, and ruby) with soft goods like bedding and pillows. You can match your furniture, too. Balance the deep, moody hues with shiny metallics and more neutral walls.

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Hang Drapes High

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"Scale is equally important for glam spaces," explains Shaffer. "One of my all-time favorite ways to volumize a room is to go as high as possible with curtains and drapery rods," he tells us. "Immediately, everything lifts in the room when draperies and window treatments soar from floor to ceiling." 

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Be Bold

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There's no right or wrong way to execute glam design so why not be bold and select a moody palette that feels refined and a little majestic? Here, a textured black wallpaper beautifully complements the eggplant velvet headboard, while minimal, black and white bedding keeps the room looking sleek.