31 Bold and Beautiful Teal Bedroom Ideas

31 Bold and Beautiful Teal Bedroom Ideas

teal bedroom ideas patterns

The standard line of thinking for many a bedroom designs is this: bedrooms should be a refuge from the chaos of life (and the rest of the home). Therefore, bedrooms should use calming, neutral colors to create this sense of refuge and relaxation. Bright or bold colors can be used, but only in very small amounts.

Sound familiar? But what if we thought differently about bedrooms? Yes, they are a place of relaxation, but color alone does not determine how relaxing a bedroom is. Instead, it's often more personal, from the type of furniture we pick, to the coziness of the blankets we add, or the amount of afternoon light that streams in that come together to create a stronger feeling of relaxation.

With that in mind, it might be time to get creative with color in the bedroom. Enter: teal. This blue-green hue can be used to dress a space up or down, works with plenty of styles in plenty of ways, and is, frankly, just a lot of fun. If you're considering adding teal to your bedroom, you've come to the right place. Keep reading to see 31 of our favorite teal bedroom ideas.

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Add Two Items

teal bedroom ideas throw pillow and rug

Teal in the bedroom can be added with just two simple additions: a teal throw pillow and a teal rug. Together, these two items will add just enough color to look intentional (and look great) without adding so much color that your bedroom feels overwhelmed by it.

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Make It Muted

muted teal bedroom ideas

Muted teal can bring in plenty of blue-green color, but with a softer touch. This relaxing hue works well in the bedroom, and can be used in all kinds of ways. Try it on your headboard or comforter in your own space.

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Create a Color Block Wall

teal bedroom ideas colorblock

The unique look of teal makes it a great pick for a color blocked wall, like the one in the bedroom above from Emily Henderson. The contrasting off-white shows off the blue-green hue perfectly. But you can use other colors too—try a creamy yellow or warm orange.

For the best-looking colorblock wall around, have the colors meet at the top-third of the wall, rather than right in the middle. This is based upon the 'rule of threes' and will make the wall look more visually pleasing.

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Try Wallpaper

wallpaper teal bedroom ideas

Unique wallpaper is a great way to bring any number of colors to a bedroom, including teal. For an all-around bold color look, wallpaper all the walls in your bedroom. For more of a statement wall look, wallpaper only one.

To add to the oomph of teal wallpaper, pick a bedspread that complements or mimics the wallpaper pattern.

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Hang Window Coverings

teal bedroom ideas window coverings

Window coverings provide privacy and texture, and they also allow you to sleep in longer—and what's more relaxing than that? But window coverings don't need to be only white or cream. They can also be quite colorful and add to the color palette of a room. Consider teal window coverings to add relaxing color and style to your bedroom.

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Try Throw Pillows

teal bedroom ideas throw pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to add a touch of fun color to a bedroom, and they can be switched in and out depending on the season, your style, or your mood. Ready to switch it up in your own space? Teal throw pillows are a great addition to the bedroom when you're looking for a change.

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Paint the Walls

teal bedroom ideas painted walls

One of the best ways to add teal to the bedroom is through a painted wall or two (or four). Painting a bedroom can be done in just a weekend, and it's a great way to revitalize or completely change a once-boring bedroom.

For an elegant, rather than juvenile, teal paint job, make sure to pick a paint with an eggshell or matte finish, rather than one with a high sheen.

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Make It Monochrome

teal bedroom ideas monochrome

In a room full of blues, add a little teal. Teal can keep a blue bedroom from feeling overwhelmingly monochrome, but the shade is close enough to blue that it ensures the space still feels like a celebration of all things blue. Plus, it's a great way to 'bridge the gap' in case you want to add a little green too.

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Go for Gray

teal bedroom ideas gray

Gray pairs nicely with nearly any color, including teal. Gray softens the bright edges of teal and creates a color combo suitable for the bedroom. To incorporate gray and teal in your own space, use this color pairing in throw pillows, bed linens, décor, or window coverings.

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Go Vintage

TEAL BEdroom ideas vintage

For a vintage bedroom look with a healthy dose of unique color, consider adding teal. To get this look in your own space, look for vintage or antique-style wallpaper with repeating teal motifs. To give teal a more time-worn look, pair it with cream or gold tones, and use wood elements alongside it.

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Add Brass

teal bedroom ideas brass

Trendy brass can fit in with nearly any color, but it works especially wonderfully with teal too. The cool tones of teal contrast well against warmly-toned brass, and together the two can give a bedroom a well-weathered and stylish look.

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Bring in Some Seating

teal bedroom ideas seating area

If your bedroom is large enough, consider adding a small seating area to lounge and relax in. (This is especially helpful if you have kids and want to create a child-free zone.) Teal is a great color pick for this space, as you'll be able to find lots of lushly-colored seating options in this hue, and it will give that little corner of your bedroom unmistakable style.

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Go Black and White

teal bedroom ideas black and white

Color palettes that use pretty standard pairings with the exception of one stand-out shade are some of the best for the bedroom. And the black, white, and teal combo in the space above from Katie Hodges Design is no exception.

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Add a Throw Blanket

teal bedroom ideas throw blanket

To add teal that can come and go depending on the season (or your mood), add a teal throw blanket. It will certainly make a statement, but you won't need to worry about the permanence or price of your new color pick. Choose a blanket that's more on the velvet side for a lush look.

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Try Out Trim

teal bedroom ideas trim

To add some character (and plenty of teal) to your bedroom, try adding some faux trim and paneling to a wall like what Blue Copper Design did in the bedroom above. The trim creates lots of visual interest, while the deep, luscious teal adds plenty of stunning color.

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Add in a Little Gray

teal gray bedroom ideas

Just want to add the teeniest touch of teal? Look for a teal-gray (a gray with a touch of deep blue) to bring into your bedroom. This more neutral color looks great in large amounts, so consider it for area rugs, bedspreads, or wall paint.

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Don't Forget Area Rugs

teal bedroom ideas area rugs

Area rugs are an easy way to bring almost any color into the bedroom, and teal is no exception. For tons of teal, look for rugs that use teal as the backdrop or main color. For just a touch of it, focus on rugs that use teal more as an accent color.

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Repeat It

teal bedroom ideas repeated

To really make teal look intentional in your bedroom, make sure it's repeated. Instead of adding it to one spot and calling it done, look for ways to add teal to other places in your bedroom, like in seating, lighting, or décor.

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Surprise Yourself With Color

surprise teal bedroom ideas

Want to add a little surprise teal? Use it in your bed linens. Teal flat sheets will only reveal their color when folded over, making them a fun addition of surprise color that adds a bold twist without feeling too overwhelming.

'Surprise' teal can also be added with the pillowcases of pillows that are mostly covered by pillows with shams, or with partially-covered bed skirts.

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Make It Midcentury

midcentury teal bedroom ideas

Teal was a popular midcentury color pick, so have fun with retro style when adding it to your space. To add teal with a midcentury modern twist, look for teal that features starburst or tropical patterns, and don't forget to add similarly mid-mod colors like burnt orange.

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Use Furniture

teal bedroom ideas furniture

Painted furniture is another good way to bring teal into the bedroom. Larger pieces, like dressers and headboards, will make more of a design impact, while smaller ones, like nightstands, add a subtler touch of teal.

Struggling to find teal furniture to add to your bedroom? Break out the paintbrush and get ready to DIY it. Though it requires a little more elbow grease, painted teal furniture is a great way to provide new life to beat-up pieces.

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Pair It With Pink

teal and pink bedroom ideas

For a fun and flirty look, pair teal with light pink. This lighthearted combo brings in plenty of colorful style into a space. To make it work in your own room, use teal as the primary color and bring in pink as a bold accent color to be used elsewhere in the bedroom.

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Bring in Boho Style

teal bedroom ideas boho

Teal isn't only limited to midcentury style. It's also a great color pick in more bohemian bedrooms, as the space above from Blue Copper Design demonstrates wonderfully. Pair teal with laid-back accents, woven texture, and tons of comfy décor for a bedroom that's beautifully boho-inspired.

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Get Serious

teal bedroom ideas grown up

Teal bedrooms often veer more towards the fun side than the serious side. But it doesn't have to be that way—teal can have a serious side too. To make teal look more grown-up and elegant, use a darker shade of teal alongside a crisp white and some earthy greens, like the bedroom above from Emily Henderson.

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Use It in a Kid's Room

kids teal bedroom ideas

The lighthearted nature of teal makes it a great choice for kid's bedrooms or playrooms. To add teal to a kid's bedroom, pair it with a classic pattern like stripes or polka dots, and add in a few light whites to contrast against the bold colors. But most of all, don't forget to have fun with teal too.

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Try Green

teal and green bedroom ideas

Teal and green are very similar colors, making them an easy combination to work with. It's a great color combo for a bedroom that needs some color, but not so much that it's distracting. To get the look in your own space, try a green bedspread with a teal throw blanket.

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Opt for an Ottoman

ottoman teal bedroom ideas

Another way to add just a touch of teal? A teal ottoman. Ottomans are great additions to the bedroom as they provide extra storage, extra seating, and extra surfaces for a late night snack or two. A teal ottoman, with all the vibrant color it brings, is an even better addition.

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Get Creative With Patterns

teal bedroom ideas patterns

When looking for ways to add teal to your bedroom, don't shy away from getting creative with patterns. Teal can often pop up in unexpected ways in patterns, like in southwestern-style designs or in floral motifs. Add these items to your bedroom for an equal amount of unique pattern and color.

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Lean Into Leather

teal bedroom ideas leather

Another texture that pairs well with teal is leather. The rich look of leather is matched only by the lush look of teal and comes together to create a high-end and vibrant color-texture pairing. Get this look in your own bedroom by pairing leather seating or ottomans with a teal dresser, bedspread or bed frame.

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Try Mini-Monochrome

teal bedroom ideas mini monochrome

Looking for another color to pair with teal? Why not another shade of blue? Adding blue to a teal bedroom gives the space a marvelously monochrome look, but this pairing can be done on the small scale too—add blue pillows or sheets to a teal bed-frame for a microcosm of monochrome.

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Go Dark

dark teal bedroom ideas

Just as muted, lighter teal can be an easy fit in the bedroom, so can dark and deep teal do the same. These rich, nearly-black hues of teal are lush and subtle additions of color that can give your bedroom an elegant and high-end look. Pair dark teal with welcoming white for a great contrast.