31 Orange Bedroom Ideas That Are Surprisingly Cozy

31 Orange Bedroom Ideas That Are Surprisingly Cozy

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Use Geometry

orange bedroom ideas painted shapes

Pops of color are even more fun when they come in shapes. Paint a large orange circle in your bedroom to create a unique and colorful focal point. You can also try this with other shapes too, like rectangles or triangles. Place your bed in front of the shape for the best look.

You can also place other pieces of furniture in front of your orange shape, like a dresser or desk. Just make sure something is in it, as an empty circle may look a bit odd.

Use Just a Little Orange

orange bedroom ideas little bit of orange

If you're putting together a guest bedroom or another type of space with similarly neutral design inclinations, try using just a little bit of orange rather than going all out on it. An orange throw blanket or pillow can provide a nice touch of color, as can a duvet or small rug.

Use Orange Florals

orange bedroom ideas florals

Wallpaper is one of the best ways to add style to any wall, and orange wallpaper is no exception. For a delicately orange look, try looking for orange, floral wallpaper, like the oneDazey Den used above. The wallpaper can be used on all your walls, or on just an accent wall or two. Either way, it will give your bedroom a delightfully botanical (and tropical) feeling.

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Look for Orange-Accented Wallpaper

orange bedroom ideas wallpaper accents

Another winning wallpaper choice is one with orange accents. The orange provides the perfect amount of sunshine-y cheer, while the sophisticated design of the wallpaper gives the bedroom a regal, grown-up look. This is also a great way to provide color to more vintage-style bedrooms too, as the addition of color doesn't distract from the design's more ornate look.

Use Abstract Patterns

orange bedroom ideas abstract patterns

Still haven't convinced you that orange wallpaper is a winning pick? Orange wallpapers can also look great when they're filled with abstract patterns, like the bedroom from Reena Sotropa. The subtle, abstract pattern provides visual interest and a bit of lighthearted fun.

Different patterns work with different styles too—a more retro design will look great in a mid-century bedroom, while a curvier, flowier one will fit in nicely in a minimalist bedroom.

Don't Forget the Curtains

orange bedroom ideas curtains

Curtains are a crucial part of making your bedroom orange. They're an easy and affordable addition to any bedroom, and you can pair them with other shades of orange in your room for a cohesive and put-together look. This works with any kind of window covering too; look for orange blinds or cafe curtains for something different.

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Break Out the Orange Duvet

orange bedroom ideas duvet

Looking to add orange without breaking open a can of paint? Break out an orange duvet instead. A great option for renters or homeowners who are wary of going all-in on orange, orange duvets add a splash of color without the commitment. Plus, they're a great base for layering other colors on top too.

Combine Orange and Navy

orange bedroom ideas navy

Few color combos are as striking as orange and navy. The two colors play off of each other and complement each other easily, making them a great fit for the bedroom. Calming blue shades provide respite to this peaceful space, while pops of orange add some fun.

To keep this color combo from looking too garish, use a darker, dusty blue alongside a faded or burnt orange.

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Use Orange Art

orange bedroom ideas wall art

Orange wall art is another temporary way to bring some color to your bedroom. Look for more abstract or impressionist art that uses a lot of orange, rather than a more realistic painting of an orange scene, like a sunset. For the best look, pair your orange art with another orange item, like what Brexton Cole Interiors did in this bedroom with a throw pillow.

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Layer Orange

orange bedroom ideas layer

To use orange in a more subtle and delicate way, consider layering it. Use subtly-patterned orange sheets alongside an orange pillowcase and duvet, topped with a light orange throw pillow or blanket. This creates a rich, dynamic look that still brings in plenty of your favorite citrus hue.

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Try Orange Throws

orange bedroom ideas throw blankets

Orange-colored throws are a great idea for your bedroom if you want to incorporate the color on a seasonal basis, like in fall. They're affordable and easy to store, meaning that you can buy more than one if you'd like a variety of orange throws. For a picturesque seasonal look, use a deep orange throw for fall and winter and light orange one for spring and summer.

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Don't Forget the Ceiling

orange bedroom ideas ceiling

For an extra-dramatic addition of orange, use it on the ceiling. Use wallpaper that continues up the wall and onto the ceiling or use paint instead. Another way to get orange on the ceiling is by using an orange light fixture, like a fan or pendant light.

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Have Fun With Headboards

orange bedroom ideas headboard

Another easy way to incorporate orange into the bedroom is with bold headboards. They're an eye-catching, functional addition to any bedroom and a great way to add some orange.

Combine the headboard with some orange geometric paint and some umber curtains, and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind sunshine look.

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Pair Orange With Wood

orange bedroom ideas wood

The rich tones of orange pair beautifully with deeply stained wood. The similarly colored items creates a cohesive look that feels elegant and warm. To create this combo in your own space, use orange alongside hardwood floors or ceilings or use it with hardwood bed frames, nightstands, or dressers.

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Pair Orange With Brass

orange bedroom ideas brass

Vibrant orange meshes easily with brassy metallic furniture and hardware, as the two come together to create a retro look that's perfect for the bedroom. Create this combo with an orange duvet or walls and brass-accented furniture or décor. For an extra mid-mod feeling, use an orange duvet that features a few mid-century motifs.

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Match Your Walls to Your Duvet

orange bedroom ideas match walls and duvet

Orange is such a bold color that it's important to make sure it fits well within your bedroom. Out-of-place orange is far worse than no orange at all. One way to make sure this doesn't happen is by using similarly colored items within the space, like an orange-accented duvet and orange-painted walls.

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Use Orange Alongside Velvet

orange bedroom ideas velvet

The richness of velvet in the bedroom is a great contrast to the lighthearted vibrancy of orange. Orange walls or duvets are a great accompaniment to velvet-covered throw pillows and headboards, like what's pictured above from Musha Home.

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Try Orange and White

orange bedroom ideas white

Want a bedroom look that feels effortlessly modern and inviting? Try orange and white. A white sheet set and headboard, along with a few touches of white décor is a great match to a burnt-orange wall.

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Use Trim

orange bedroom ideas trim

For a bedroom look with traditional roots and a contemporary feel, try painting a trimmed (or otherwise ornately detailed) wall orange. The unexpected color provides a touch of life to a feature that can sometimes feel stuffy and outdated.

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Don't Forget Some Green

orange bedroom ideas green

The classic houseplant deserves a spot in your orange bedroom. The lush green of the plant is an easy addition to the vibrant orange of the space, and the two combined can give your bedroom a tropical vibe.

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Try Two-Toned

orange bedroom ideas two toned

Another unique way to use orange paint is by creating a two-toned wall. Use a darker shade of orange on the bottom of the wall and the lighter on the top to create a wall that accentuates the height of the room and is extra colorful.

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Use Orange and Rattan

orange bedroom ideas rattan

When combined, rattan and orange in the bedroom can create two distinct looks: when paired with traditional furniture and trim, the combination can create a fresh take on a vintage-y bedroom look, or when the two are paired with houseplants and woven blankets and wall hangings, they can create a bohemian look too.

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Have Fun With Texture

orange bedroom ideas texture

The depth of orange makes it a great candidate for rich texture too, like thick weaves, pom-poms, and knits. Together this pairing creates a soft and cozy look.

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Add Orange Wall Hangings

orange bedroom ideas wall hangings

Another way to add some orange to your bedroom walls is through wall hangings. Adding wall hangings is an easy way to add a touch of orange to a neutrally colored space, and it's also a good way to add an orange accent to a bedroom that's filled with them.

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Love Your Linen

orange bedroom ideas linen

Orange linen duvets are a match made in heaven. The casual look of linens fits perfectly with low-key look of orange. This combo works well for a laidback look or tropical-themed bedrooms, like the bedroom from Black and Bloom. It can also be a great fit in minimalist bedrooms too—just cut down on other décor and color in the space.

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Try Accent Walls

orange bedroom ideas accent walls

Though accent walls may seem very early 2010s, they're still a great way to draw the eye towards color without having to paint it everywhere. For an orange accent wall, consider painting the wall the bed sits on for a more traditional look. For something more unconventional, paint the wall the bed is parallel to instead.

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Add a Quilt

orange bedroom ideas quilt

Duvets aren't the only kind of orange bedspread out there—you can find orange quilts and sheet sets too. As the orange quilt provides warmth to the cool white bed sheets, and the color provides a unique touch to bed that might otherwise be considered quite standard.

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Pair Orange and Beige

orange bedroom ideas beige

Bedrooms are a place of respite and relaxation, so it's important that the colors we use in it match that. One calming color palette is orange and beige—similarly toned, the earthy hues are different enough to be interesting, but not so contrasting that they are distracting.

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Use Umber

orange bedroom ideas umber

For a chic and minimalist take on orange, try umber. Umber's deeper and subtler shades of orange make it a great pick for bedrooms that lean more towards elegance rather than neon. Try using umber in throw pillows and blankets or make it center-stage by using an umber duvet or quilt.

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Use All the Throw Pillows

orange bedroom ideas throw pillows

Throw pillows are your orange bedroom's best friend, especially if you want to easily add in pops of orange to the rest of your home too. For a winning throw pillow combo, pick two larger throw pillows that match and pair them with one smaller pillow in a distinctive color or different shade of orange.

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Combine Orange and Black

orange bedroom ideas black

We know what you're thinking: Orange and black? Doesn't that scream Halloween? But we'd like to present an alternative picture—orange and black, when styled as beautifully. It presents itself as elegant rather than tacky fall tones.