8 Spaces That Prove Decorating With Plants Will Never Go Out of Style

8 Spaces That Prove Decorating With Plants Will Never Go Out of Style

Boho bedroom with plants

Plants are more popular than ever, so it's no surprise that design fans have started to view their gardening hobbies as a part of their décor philosophy too. Adding greenery to your home is an easy way to bring the outdoors in, and immediately breathes life into your space.

Ready to add some plants to your own home? Read on for some of our favorite plant-filled rooms that are sure to inspire you.

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The More the Merrier

Bright living room filled with plants

Why not make a statement? Decorating with any number of plants is a go-to in our book, but we love the jungle-like vibe of filling a main living area with tons of your favorite greenery. Mixing different types of plants is a great way to keep the space feeling timeless and relevant.

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A Shelfie Moment

Shelf styled with plants in terracotta pots

The classic terracotta pot never goes out of style. Add interest to your shelf decor by making your cacti and succulents a repetitive focal point. Because of terracotta's natural aging process, these pots will be ever-evolving and look even better over time.

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A Different Perspective

Living plant wall

Make your plants almost literally a part of your home by installing a living wall. The texture this brings to a room is something that compliments any space, and you'll never want to get rid of it.

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Make is subtle with propagation

Farmhouse style bathroom with propagated plants

If you're looking for a more parred back moment, consider decorating a space like your bathroom or laundry room with a few propagated cuttings in clear, chic jars. This effortless addition still evokes feelings of peace without adding too much green, and watching them grow will never get old.

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Bigger can be better

Boho bedroom with plants

Anchoring your bed in your bedroom by adding 2 bigger plants is a unique spin on furnishing a space. For the minimalist, you can ditch your nightstand and rest beside 2 fiddle leafs instead.

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Play with pots and vessels

Living room credenza with plants

Switch things up visually by potting your plant friends in fun vessels. Pots that are wider in shape, colorful, or even a bit animated achieve a whole new vibe in your plant displays that can adapt with you style over time.

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Use plants as accents

Living room with brick fireplace and plants

If you want to add some life to your space without having too many plant babies to tend to, choose a few special, statement plants to accent your room. Strategically placing them in corners, on a mantle, or hanging above is a fresh perspective on decorating with plants that leaves space for life to continue.

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Let them grow with you

Living room with large plants

It's so rewarding to nurture your plant family and watch them grow. Caring for plants can be hard, but fostering growth and nourishment can never go out of style. Having plants can give you a refreshing sense of purpose, and the results of this labor of love will not disappoint.